RSG247: Renting E-Bikes to Delivery Drivers With Whizz CEO Mike Peregudov

Join in Harry’s conversation with Mike Peregudov, CEO of Whizz. You’ll hear about how delivery drivers are profiting not by driving cars but by renting e-bikes in New York City and Manhattan.

Whizz is an e-bike rental company for delivery drivers. They operate a subscription-based service that helps drivers make more money and keeps them safe on the streets of New York.

Listen to Mike as he discusses this unique business model and how it can help delivery drivers in New York and potentially beyond as they continue to grow.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Mike Peregudov discusses how e-bikes transform the way delivery drivers operate in New York.
    • He discusses how Whizz helps drivers make more money and stay safer than the ‘knock-off’ e-bikes available online that pose safety hazards and don’t last nearly as long as they should, eating into drivers’ profits.
  • Whizz is an e-ride subscription service for delivery drivers mostly for DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub.
    • They include all maintenance and repairs with the subscription, which starts at $160/month.
    • The repairs and maintenance are the largest benefit since that’s the largest cost of running Whizz and is what is so complicated and expensive for drivers who do not rent from Whizz.
  • Whizz bikes have a lifetime of 18 to 24 months.
    • Batteries last 18 months, and the bike itself, with proper maintenance, gets 24 months.
  • Whizz has quickly grown in NYC since its inception in February 2022, mostly by word-of-mouth through the rideshare community.
    • Since phones and vehicles are a delivery driver’s most important tools, Whizz provides an incredible benefit.
  • The average driver rides 700 miles per month or 175 miles weekly.
  • Whizz has locations in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    • Plans to open 2 to 3 locations in the next six months.
    • 80% of deliveries are made by e-bikes or mopeds in NY.
  • The process to rent an e-bike from Whizz takes 30 minutes or less.
    • Riders come into the store and complete the paperwork, provide their ID, and undergo a background check.
    • Whizz is developing a mobile app to make this process even faster for drivers.
  • Drivers can choose where to store the bikes; they have plenty of security provisions, including GPS, a device to lock the chain if stolen, and drivers are encouraged to take the batteries with them.
    • 20 to 25 bikes are stolen monthly, but Whizz recaptures most of them with their security features.
    • Whizz is coming out with a few new models with enhanced security features and longer-lasting batteries that can last 50% longer.
  • Safety is a big issue for e-bikes, and Whizz takes it seriously.
    • There are 500 battery fires a year and 100 injuries/deaths.
    • In NY, e-bikes must be certified for safety, and 100% of Whizz’s fleet is certified.
    • Whizz bikes have never had a fire.
  • Whizz is an official DoorDash partner.
    • Dashers get a 15% discount on Whizz rentals and a safety starter kit.

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