This was one of my favorite podcasts to record because I actually had someone to talk to for once.  As some of you may know, my first four podcasts have been me talking for 45 minutes so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to have a guest on and do a little interview.

    I don’t think I could have picked a better first guest because just from interviewing Rez I learned a ton of new tips, strategies and information that’s going to make me a better driver.  Rez brings a ton of customer service experience and I think what makes him so unique is that he has experience in a wide variety of industries.


    I know a lot of people approach rideshare with the attitude: “How hard can it be?”.  But I bet those are also the same people who think they’re getting 3 and 4 star ratings because of the passengers.  It’s easy to blame the app or blame the passenger for low ratings but I have never approached life with that attitude.  Rez is the exact same way.  He is always looking for a solution, not someone to blame and I think that’s what I enjoyed about his class so much.

    This podcast is a great introduction to his class and if you enjoy what you hear, I highly recommend that you contact him for more info about his online classes.  And if you mention ‘Rideshare Guy’ you’ll get a $5 discount off the price of the class!

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    Summary of the Show:


    Delivering The Extraordinary Experience With Rez LaBoy

    A Little Background on Rez

    • Rez has over 17 years in various customer service industries (Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Telecommunications, and Transportation)
    • Currently works full time for AT&T and as a consultant for Marriott
    • One of Uber Baltimore’s highest rated drivers with a 4.9 since October 2013 and maintains a perfect 5.0 rating in Uber Washington D.C since February 2014.

    RZ3 Solutions

    • R3Z Solutions focuses on providing drivers with Self-Discovery Coaches, who can help guide the driver to improve perceptive behaviors, which in turn will allow the driver to deliver the extraordinary experience.
    • R3Z Solutions’ class covers the most basic perceptive behaviors such as how you would treat family during visitation and how to replicate those behaviors to passengers.

    Delivering the Extraordinary Experience

    • What is R3Z Solutions’ class about?
    • The Extraordinary Experience Methodology
    • How would you treat a family member?
    • Fake it ’til you make it!  Be a movie actor to maintain positive attitude at all times
    • Earn your passengers’ business by properly demonstrating appreciation
    • Short term vs long term gains
    • Building your internal brand

    How to take a class with Rez

    Rez’s Association With Uber

    • Rez has been a Partner Driver with Uber since October of last year
    • Rez primarily drives during party hours (Friday and Saturday night) but still maintains a 4.9 rating with Uber, which is typically a challenge for those hours as we know.
    • Uber Baltimore reached out to Rez to uncover how he maintains such high ratings. He was able to provide tips and tricks of how to deliver the extraordinary experience.
    • R3Z Solutions now offers 1 on 1 classes and developmental classes to any driver interested.


    • Our first podcast interview
    • Read Rez’s testimonials on his Facebook page
    • Rideshare is getting tougher so you need to adapt
    • How can you make yourself a better driver?
    • Work Smarter, not harder
    • Use every resource available to make yourself a better driver.
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    Show Notes:

    • Honeymoon Trip Report on Your PF Pro
    • Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Facebook Group
    • R3Z Solutions FB page
    • If you’d like to take a class with R3Z solutions, please e-mail rideshareguy.class[at]
    • “Success is not what you bring yourself, it’s what you bring for others.”  Don Gerbrick – 2007
    • “If you bring down with a negative attitude on a negative issue you’re going to have negative results.  If you bring down with a positive attitude on a negative issue there is room for positive results.  That’s just simple math.”  Rez LaBoy – 2008

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    How was our first podcast interview?  Does ‘Delivering the Extraordinary Experience’ sound like a class you’d be interested in taking?   What was your biggest takeaway from the interview?

    PS – If you mention to Rez that you found his class on The Rideshare Guy Blog & Podcast I will receive a small commission and you will also get $5 off the price of the class for a limited time!

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