• Will Ng

    I think there this will create a many new drivers. It is really easy to bypass Uber system. All these drivers will be new driver pretending to be current/former drivers.

    1. Have the driver join Lyft ASAP “Now they got the profile picture”.
    2. Give them one of your daily summaries or google Lyft Daily Summaries.
    3. Have them apply to Uber under your referral.

    Uber will require the new driver have been a driver since 1/8/15. But because they are using your old Lyft daily summaries (which does not have names on it). You would have bypass their system.

    • Well that’s one way to do it haha.. I don’t think many new drivers will go through all that trouble though even for $500, people like easy money 🙂

  • Lakala M. Abrams

    I am really disgusted right now and feel trapped. It’s great that Uber is offering the bonus; however, I haven’t received my bonus from completing 20 rides well over 2 weeks ago. I’ve submitted what was asked of me and told that everything had been verified and would reflect in my next invoice. This week rolled around and I begin to hear the same reasons why I am not seeing my money yet. What should I do?

    • If they told you everything will be ok, that is a good thing. This happens once in a while, just be patient. If they tell you that you didn’t qualify for some reason, then you’re likely SOL. Sometimes it takes a few pay statements to register for whatever reason, I’ve seen it happen to a few drivers now.

      • Lakala M. Abrams

        Ok. That’s the point. One person is saying everything is ok, others are saying they need to check. In my opinion, if you’re going to offer an incentive or dangle a carrot, give clear instructions or parameters and have the system in place to process. The hemming and hawing seems unnecessary to me.

  • Brian Carpy

    Hi Harry – I’m wondering about something: Do you think this $500 (I’m in Chicago) could be combined with Uber Chicago’s current $5,000 guarantee? http://www.uberpartnerschicago.com/5000-guarantee/

  • artistone

    I don’t like it, in my market its already saturated on both platforms. More drivers=less rides for you, and with rate cuts this is already devastating to some drivers. Short term you get 500 but long term you’re going to get less pings.

    • Rideshare is a good job dude, there are always going to be people willing to do it for less (this is true in any industry). You can complain about it or go out and do something about it. Figure out what other drivers aren’t doing and capitalize on it.

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  • Frank

    How’s it work if you want to refer a driver in another city?

  • Sam

    Do you know in which cities that Uber offers $500 Bonus?

  • Jose

    Is uber still doing the $1000 bonus in san diego if you switch from lyft?

  • frank zappa

    How do you prove youve rode for lyft prior to 1/8/15? What proofs does uber accept?

    • Just send partners support a screenshot of your last lyft pay statement.

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  • perfmon lab

    lyft is holding up background check of driver applications so they can not only prevent you from getting the driver bonus, but also make you sign up for driver and get nothing!

    • I don’t think they’re purposefully doing this, they’re just not very well equipped to handle this many apps. They could have done a much better job of communicating the process so we aren’t all left to figure it out on our own though..

  • Alex Rice

    I’m confused. I’ve seen different rules in different places – one says you get $500 after your first ride, but another says you have to do 20 rides in 30 days. Can you explain?

    • Sure. If you’re a brand new rideshare driver, you can get $100-$250 (depending on your city) bonus after you do 20 rides in 30 days.

      If you’re a Lyft/SC driver but you’ve never signed up for Uber, you can get $500 after one ride as long as you’ve given a ride on lyft/sc prior to 1/8 and can prove it with a statement. Clear?

      • Alex Rice

        Excellent. Thanks!

      • Patrick

        I just Signed up for Uber in Boston. Am i eligible for the $100-$250 for doing 20 rides in 30 days? How do I find out or make sure that I get this? This is the first that i have heard about it.

        • You’ll have to contact the Uber city directly to double check. Unfortunately, they don’t publish a nationwide list. Here’s the link to sign-up though, this will get you at least $100 after 20 rides.. therideshareguy.com/newuberdriver

  • Megan McCurry

    I qualify for the $500 uber bonus and just gave my first ride last week, but the bonus isn’t on my first statement. When will it show up? Thanks! (I used someone’s referral link so it should have gone through)

    • Should show up on the next pay statement. You can always verify with a quick e-mail to Uber support 🙂


      • Megan McCurry

        Thanks so much! This info is all so helpful! I’ve been driving with Lyft since November and just lost my day job. Hoping to really earn some good cash driving and mentoring. Do you know when the best times to be available for mentor sessions are? Thanks again.

  • John Drogsvold

    Hello Mr. Guy,
    I signed up as a Lyft driver before thanksgiving, however I never gave a ride to anyone. I would like to switch to uber and get the 1000 dollar bonus for the Denver area. Is there any way that I can botch the proof of driving? If not, would you advice me to drive now for Lyft and wait for a similar offer to appear int he future? I’ll use your promo code if you can help me botch the proof of rides part!!

    • Haha well I obviously can’t publicly comment and tell you that you should do this, I do know drivers have tried to botch their pay statement with photoshop I guess? Either way, I would just do a ride or two with Lyft and wait until Uber extends the promo in a month or two..

  • Maddie Mahoney

    I’m not completely sure, but I am pretty sure this fell through after more people signed up than expected. However, if you want a $500 bonus that actually works, (or $20 off of an Uber ride) here is a working code: CBE9Z

  • Bethany Simpson

    I just signed up for uber yesterday did my first five drives today. Are there any sidecar and lyft bonuses I can use where we can both financially benefit for my sign up?

  • Janelle Escandon

    Are there anymore good sign up bonuses going on still??

  • I really wish they wouldn’t have increased the Uber bonus amount requirement from one ride though. It is a lot harder to recruit Lyft drivers when I tell them they will have to complete 20 rides!

  • Alex

    Does Lyft give any referel reward for switching from uber to Lyft.

    • no but they do have pretty big sign-up bonuses right now. therideshareguy.com/new-lyft-750-sign-up-bonuses/

  • Anthony Latony

    I started a few weeks ago with uber. I decided to do Lyft a few days ago. I asked them about the sign on bonus and they said no bonus at this time. They will give me $50 if I did 30 rides in 30 days and at peak hours. 🙁

  • Yaroslav Yokio

    $1000 bonus from Uber with code: GK9F8.
    After you complete your first 100 trips (whenever is convenient for you)
    Valid only for NEW drivers!