21 Best Weekend Jobs to Increase Your Income in 2024

Working doesn’t have to mean just the workweek, especially for gig workers. At RSG, we often talk about having multiple sources of income, so you’re better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Just because Monday through Friday is the traditional workweek, doesn’t mean you can’t earn a ton of money on the weekends, too. Working on weekends and side hustling helps many Americans get by and earn extra cash.

There are several flexible ways to earn money on the weekend. Sometimes, you can even make money by monetizing a hobby that you enjoy during your spare time. Here are 24 of the best weekend jobs to consider trying out.

21 Best Weekend Jobs

1. Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving is one of the most popular weekend jobs, and obviously one of our favorites. There are many platforms other than just Uber that you can use to maximize your weekend earnings while working as your own boss.

One choice that has been an excellent option for many years now is Lyft. The rideshare giant has been around for several years and provides a great opportunity to earn money on your own time. There are some basic vehicle requirements to meet to sign up and a background check to pass, but you can set your own hours and earn a flexible income.

Lyft may offer a new driver sign-on bonus or guaranteed earnings depending on the area you’re driving in. Drivers can also earn more during peak hours with Lyft, meaning weekends can be big-time money days.

Via is another rideshare driving app that is available in some markets. Drivers on the Via platform have given over 125 million rides in 40 countries. They offer a flexible way to earn and allow drivers to choose to be paid by the hour or per ride. All vehicles should be 2010 model year or newer.

For those drivers who do not have a car, Via has a partnership with multiple rental companies for weekly and hourly rentals. Weekly rentals have a minimum 14-day rental period and hourly requires at least a four-hour rental.

2. Grocery Store Delivery

If you’re pretty quick and efficient in the grocery store and have a car, consider delivering groceries with Instacart. Instacart is by far one of the best weekend jobs out there since weekends are usually when people are ordering groceries. Drivers choose shifts to shop for groceries at local stores and deliver them to customers who order on the app.

Instacart requires a background check before drivers can start on the road. Background checks are normally completed within 10 days of the application being submitted.

Shoppers will find customer’s groceries and then check them out at the register while paying for the items using an Instacart payment card. New shoppers will receive their payment cards in the mail within 5-7 business days of completing the sign-up process.

Learn all about Instacart shopper pay here.

3. Take Online Surveys

You don’t always have to use your car to earn cash on the weekend. Another one of the best weekend jobs to earn money is taking surveys. Below are some of the best free survey sites to start using.

  • Swagbucks: Get extra cash by taking surveys with Swagbucks. The platform also allows new users to earn $10 just for signing up. This is a great place to earn, with thousands of card options available to help you redeem your points. Just give your opinion on various topics and earn points towards a gift card to your favorite store or online retailer.
  • Toluna: Toluna gives you the power to influence using some of the world’s most notable brands. The thoughts and opinions you give during the surveys on Toluna can impact the marketing decisions those brands make. Some brands they have worked with include Amazon, Sony, Fiat, Coke, and Expedia.
  • Kashkick: Kashkick is another popular get-paid-to-site for taking surveys and doing other miscellaneous tasks to earn money, including playing games. They pay quickly, and if you refer friends using your unique code, you can earn a percentage of your referral’s earnings for their lifetime.

There are also a few more survey sites that are worth your while. Learn more about the best survey sites to earn money.

4. Restaurant Delivery

You can also utilize your car to make money on the weekends and deliver food for DoorDash. DoorDash is one of the best weekend jobs because more people tend to order out on the weekends – meaning you’ll earn more in less time.

DoorDash mainly focuses on restaurant delivery, but they have also recently partnered with a few convenience stores. Over the years, DoorDash has made some generous gestures to their drivers. RSG contributor Dash Bridges received a $500 bonus when he reached 5,000 deliveries.

The meal delivery service alternative to Uber is Uber Eats. Uber makes it easy for drivers already approved on their platform to sign up for Uber Eats. All they have to do is opt into Uber Eats and live in a market that offers the service. However, if you just want to try out Uber Eats, you can sign up for that service if you’d like.

Uber Eats has slightly different requirements for its drivers compared to Uber. Some differences are that with Uber Eats, you must have a 2-door vehicle and be at least 19 years old. Some markets also let delivery partners deliver with a scooter.

Learn what it’s like working for Uber Eats at our Working for Uber Eats Driver Review. From our experience, Uber Eats is one of the best weekend jobs because weekends are generally busy with people ordering out – think football games, other sporting events, the Oscars, etc. Weekend events equals weekend ordering out!

5. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

You can consider driving for a non-emergency medical transportation service like Veyo. This service helps people get to their medical appointments safely. The Veyo onboarding process typically takes 3-5 days to complete.

Veyo also requires drivers to have rideshare insurance coverage. Paramedic or EMT training is not needed to join Veyo because the understanding is that these will be non-emergency trips only.

Drivers must own vehicles with 4 doors and are a 2006 model or newer. Cars must also have room for a wheelchair if needed. The busiest time on Saturdays on Veyo is between 6 AM-6 PM.

6. Miscellaneous Tasks

If you have some skills in home improvement or handiwork, Thumbtack can be a great way to earn money on the weekends. Thumbtack allows you to choose your own rates, and some pros earn up to $70 per hour.

Why is Thumbtack one of the best weekend jobs? Because most people realize they need things fixed, installed, etc., and usually want to supervise – which makes weekends the most efficient time to hire someone.

It’s not just home improvement as a skill to make money on Thumbtack (although this is the most common way to get jobs). You can also be a wedding officiant, DJ, dog groomer, HVAC professional, and more. Thumbtack pros control what location they work in and can adjust the services they offer at any time.

You can also monetize your skillset on TaskRabbit. Some tasks available for you on the weekends include yard work, picking up prescriptions, disinfecting a home or office, and being a virtual assistant. Before you sign on with TaskRabbit, you can get an estimate of how much taskers are earning in your area.

After you get an idea of how much others are making, you can set your rate, and you keep 100% of what you earn including tips! Please note that TaskRabbit charges a $25 registration fee to get started in some markets.

7. Take Photos

Do you have an eye for photography? Depositphotos will pay you for your stock photos. Depositphotos is a well-known site with over 279 million files. They will buy your videos, illustrations, and quality images.

Join the over 100,000 contributors who contribute to the site and give its 39 million clients files to use. To become a Depositphotos contributor, you must sign up and submit some images for review. If they are approved, you can start uploading and creating your portfolio.

Photos must be in JPEG/JPG format. Videos have to be between 3-60 seconds, and the minimum resolution is 0.07 MP (320 x 240 pixels).

8. Freelance Writing

Love to write? You can make money by becoming a freelance writer on the side. Freelance writing can be one of the best weekend jobs to do right from home.

If you don’t freelance but are interested in getting started, the Earn More Writing course can help you get a better grip on seeing success. Holly Johnson describes to students how she has built a six-figure writing career and what it took to get there.

9. Pet Sitting

Pet owners sometimes need help looking after their dogs and cats. They’ll pay pretty good money just for someone to come and walk their dog or keep their pet overnight. Pet sitting is probably the most lucrative job when it comes to pets.

One way to earn is through Rover. Rover can be a good side gig option (and the best weekend job!) for anyone. It even made our list of Best Jobs for Introverts. The average wage is between $15-$30 per hour.

As you receive more reviews for your pet-sitting and dog walking, you can increase your rates – Managing Editor Melissa now charges $25 per half hour for new pet-sitting drop-ins (different from overnight pet-sitting or dog walking, but still part of Rover’s options).

10. Renting Out Your Space

Have extra space you’re not using? Neighbor is there for you if you want to give it a try. Some spaces eligible for rent are a garage, basement, RV pad, warehouse, or shed. If you have extra space you aren’t utilizing, this is the perfect way to start earning.

You have a say in how much to charge, which sometimes saves the customer half of what they would pay at traditional storage facilities. Neighbor wants to be the Airbnb of the storage industry.

11. Proofreading

Proofreading can be another way to spend your extra weekend hours. This is another flexible job you can work on weekends where you’ll have more control over how much you earn and how often you work. The more you work, the bigger your portfolio and the more potential referrals you’ll receive.

Caitlin Pyle created the Proofreading Anywhere free course that teaches you all about the industry.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can work from anywhere, even in the comfort of their own homes. The more skills you have, the more money you can make. This should be towards the top if you are looking for some of the best weekend jobs and need something from home.

Kayla Sloan’s 10K VA course is a great resource for getting started as a successful virtual assistant.

13. Bookkeeping

If you’re good with numbers, consider working as a bookkeeper on the weekends. Bookkeepers help businesses and entrepreneurs manage their income and expenses, especially when it’s time to file taxes. Most bookkeepers don’t work with a client or company full-time, and the work may only require a few hours per month — perfect for a weekend job.

Even if you don’t have bookkeeping experience or a degree in this field, you can learn some necessary skills with Bookkeeping Basics. Taking this course will help you learn the basic building blocks of bookkeeping so you can help small businesses manage their finances. There are 4.5 hours of on-demand videos to help you learn most efficiently so you can start earning money.

14. Graphic Design

Put your creative side to use and work as a graphic designer during your spare time. All you need is a computer and access to design software like Photoshop. You can make hundreds or even thousands per month designing logos, websites, and taking on similar projects part-time.

Graphic design is a skill set, but there are courses that can help you develop skills. You’ll receive a clear understanding of how to do both print and web design projects with the Graphic Design Bootcamp. Some notable platforms you’ll learn with are InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

15. Rent Out Your Car

What do you think about loaning out your car? Most cars just sit in the driveways most of the time but you can be earning passive income if you’re not driving your car often.

Try renting out your car on Turo for some extra cash. This is perfect for people who have more than one vehicle or have only one but don’t use that vehicle often. Sign up and list your vehicle in less than 10 minutes.

The platform doesn’t charge a sign-up or monthly fee. You can set your daily price and the rules for renting your car. Turo can also automatically adjust the rental rate on your behalf. You’re paid by direct deposit within three days of each rental.

16. Caddying

If you love golf, caddying can be the perfect weekend job, especially if you know a lot about golf. This job does require a lot of walking and standing, so make sure you’re capable of handling the job’s physical nature.

Caddies travel to each hole with golfers, carrying their golf bags and helping them with club selection. It’s usually a seasonable job but can be year-round if you live in a southern state with nice weather most of the year.

The salary varies by location and golf course, but if you’re great at what you do, you may also earn some pretty hefty tips from golfers.

17. Retail Sales

Weekends are notoriously busy for retail establishments, making retail sales one of the best weekend jobs. This is a great opportunity for you if you love helping people, and don’t mind a lot of hard work.

You may run a cash register, help customers find products, or fold and restock items. If you have weekend availability, you’ll likely be highly sought-after especially if you live near a busy shopping center.

18. Bartending

If you love moving fast and know a lot about alcoholic drinks, consider bartending on the weekends. You’ll find opportunities at sports bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and even wedding venues.

In some states, you may need your bartender’s license, but it takes only a few months to obtain it and then you’ll have many opportunities to find a weekend job.

The best thing about bartending is the tips you can earn. If you’re great at what you do, chances are you’ll earn a nice wage bartending on the weekends.

19. Customer Service

If you have a knack for working with people and helping them problem solve, customer service can be a great weekend job. You can work in customer service in person at local stores or from home over the phone.

Customer service representatives often help customers having problems with their orders or products, or can even take new orders and do some light sales.

The key to succeeding as a customer service rep is to have patience, a calm voice, and the ability to de-escalate customers when they are upset.

20. Join the Wedding Business

The wedding business is primarily a weekend gig, and can be a great job for anyone looking for a creative outlet. Common weekend jobs you can work in the wedding business include DJ, photography, videography, and catering.

The key to succeeding in the wedding business is advertising as much as possible and securing reviews from happy couples. Most people turn to Google to find local professionals, so the more good Google reviews you have, the busier you’ll get.

21. Online Selling

The internet makes it easy for anyone to get a job in sales. Whether you’re crafty and sell items on Etsy, or you have an inventory of products to sell on sites like Amazon or eBay, you can primarily make it a weekend job by adding listings and handling shipping on the weekends.

Beware, though, it may require some work during the week, especially if you have customer inquiries since good customer service will increase your chances of earning the sale.

Tips for Landing a Weekend Job

Landing a weekend job isn’t as stressful as finding your 9 to 5 job, but there are a few key tactics to use to increase your chances:

  • Determine your skills: List the skills you have that make you a good candidate for part-time jobs. This will help you narrow your options and find new opportunities to make money.
  • Network: Tell anyone you come into contact with about your desire to get a part-time job, including what you’d like to do. You never know when you’ll find someone who knows the right person to hire you.
  • Widen your availability: Try giving companies as much availability as possible. Instead of restricting your hours to say 9 – 12 Saturday and Sunday, make yourself available all day both days so more companies have a place for you.
  • Apply to many jobs: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Apply for as many jobs as you are fit to increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Join LinkedIn or create a personal website: Give future employers a chance to see what you have to offer by showcasing your skills and experience on LinkedIn or any other online job board.

Driver’s Take

You can still work a weekend job, earn extra money, and have a life. Calculate how many hours you can dedicate to part-time work on weekends and narrow down your skills and interests so you can find the right extra income opportunity for you. Be sure to use this list as a guide!

Have you done any of these weekend side hustles? What job on this list caught your eye as something to try out?