Can ChatGPT Help Rideshare Drivers?

It seems everyone is talking about ChatGPT. At first, all I knew about it was it had something to do with artificial intelligence. Then I heard ChatGPT was writing advertisements. That made me think, can ChatGPT help rideshare drivers? So, I set up an account and began to experiment.

This article will share the results when I asked ChatGPT to recommend the five best ways a rideshare driver can earn more income.

I also add my opinion on each item based on my personal rideshare driving experience that I have gained over the course of 28,500+ rides.

That is something ChatGPT can’t give to you!

What Is ChatGPT?

The website for the company that created ChatGPT is You will see the screen below once you set up a free account.

You can ask just about anything. I must say, it is quite remarkable to ask for an essay; within minutes, you have it.

what chatgpt looks like when you create an acount
What ChatGPT Looks Like When You Create an Acount

What I Asked ChatGPT

Here is what I asked ChatGPT:

Recommend the Five Best Ways a Rideshare Driver Can Earn More Income.

Here is the first paragraph from ChatGPT:

Rideshare driving has become a popular gig for many individuals looking to earn extra income or work flexible hours. However, with the increased competition in the industry, it can be challenging for rideshare drivers to maximize their earnings. In this essay, I will recommend five specific steps a rideshare driver can take to increase their income.

Now let’s dive into ChatGPT’s five recommended actions to increase a rideshare driver’s income.

Will ChatGPT be right about its instructions? Are these actual ways drivers can earn more? I’ll share ChatGPT’s response and then my thoughts.

1. Utilize Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is a common feature in ridesharing apps, where fares increase during peak hours when demand for rides is high. As a driver, it’s important to take advantage of surge pricing to maximize earnings. The surge pricing is determined by the supply and demand of drivers and riders in a particular area. During busy periods, the app will notify drivers of the surge areas with the highest demand, and drivers can navigate to these areas to receive higher fares.

To make the most of surge pricing, drivers should keep their app on and accept as many rides as possible during peak hours. It may also be beneficial to stay in areas with a high concentration of riders such as airports, popular tourist destinations, or nightlife areas. However, drivers should also be aware that the demand for rides may fluctuate throughout the day, so it’s essential to be flexible and ready to move to other areas.

Jay’s Take:

This feels like old advice that does not resonate any longer.  In the past, when I drove in 2016, surge offered drivers up to 9X regular rates.

However, over the years, multiplier surge was replaced by “penny surge,” which provided just a few dollars more per ride.

penny surge

ChatGPT also recommends the driver “accept as many rides as possible.”

We all know that all rides are not the same. Some rides will have a high dollar-per-hour rate based on upfront pricing and total drive time. Others will have a relatively low hourly rate and should not be accepted unless you don’t want to maximize your revenue.

Therefore, ChatGPT is not giving drivers sound advice in this case. It is good advice for Uber and Lyft, but not for the driver.

2. Optimize Driving Routes

Efficient driving routes are crucial for maximizing rideshare driver earnings. One way to optimize driving routes is to use navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze, which can help drivers avoid traffic and find the shortest route to a destination. By reducing the time spent driving, drivers can take on more rides and increase their earnings.

Another way to optimize driving routes is to familiarize oneself with the local roads and traffic patterns. Drivers should also keep track of road closures or detours, which can significantly impact driving time. Additionally, drivers can use their knowledge of popular destinations and events in the area to anticipate where demand for rides will be high and plan their routes accordingly.

Jay’s Take

Here again, I don’t think ChatGPT is providing much in the way of actionable advice. We all follow Waze or Google Maps, or Uber’s navigation.

I trust Waze to take me to my destination using the fastest route, rarely do I deviate. I have learned that Waze is almost always right.

My go-to phrase is “Trust The Waze.”

waze app for uber drivers

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is an essential aspect of any service-based industry, and ridesharing is no exception. Providing excellent customer service can lead to higher ratings, which can increase the number of ride requests and tips a driver receives. Drivers can provide exceptional customer service by being polite, friendly, and professional at all times.

Additionally, drivers should keep their vehicles clean and well-maintained, as this can significantly impact a rider’s experience. Drivers should also be willing to go the extra mile, such as offering to help riders with their luggage or providing amenities like bottled water or phone chargers.

Jay’s Take

Here, ChatGPT makes an interesting assumption.

“Providing excellent customer service can lead to higher ratings, which can increase the number of ride requests.”

I don’t believe this is true. Drivers who get a 4.95 rating do not get more ride requests than drivers who get a 4.9, for example. 

jay's uber driver rating

However, excellent customer service can lead to more tips, significantly impacting a driver’s bottom line.

ChatGPT also recommends providing water for passengers. I have tried water, and it did not impact my tips in any significant way. I have an available iPhone charger upon request, but a customer rarely asks for it.

The key to getting tips is heartfelt conversation and respect for the passenger. ChatGPT does get this right.

4. Take Advantage of Promotions and Bonuses

Ridesharing apps often offer promotions and bonuses to drivers as an incentive to increase their earnings. These promotions can vary depending on the app and the driver’s location, but they can include things like sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, or guaranteed hourly rates.

To take advantage of these promotions, drivers should regularly check the app’s promotions section and opt into any relevant offers. Drivers can also refer friends or family to sign up as drivers to receive referral bonuses. Additionally, some promotions may require drivers to complete a certain number of rides or work during specific hours, so it’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Jay’s Take

Yes. This is a huge key to increasing income.

As you can see below, I earned $174 in bonus money in this recent example.  That is nearly 25% of my total revenue.  Notice there is another $59.37 in tips (plus $20 in cash!). Here ChatGPT definitely gets it right.

jays uber earnings with bonuses

5. Consider additional income streams

While ridesharing can be a lucrative source of income, it’s always a good idea to consider additional income streams to supplement earnings. One way to do this is to sign up for multiple ridesharing apps to increase the number of ride requests received. Drivers can also offer other services such as food delivery or courier services, which can provide additional income during slow periods.

Another way to earn additional income is to leverage skills and hobbies. For example, a driver with photography skills could offer photography services to riders, or a driver with a passion for cooking could offer cooking classes.  Additionally, drivers could consider offering tours or experiences of their local area, which can be an attractive option for tourists.

Jay’s Take

I remember hearing about a successful driver who sold gold (jewelry, chains, etc.) out of his car. He made over $100,000 from the gold sales.

I don’t believe Uber and Lyft allow this type of side gig to occur any longer during one of their rides. Things were a bit looser back in the good ole days. Rideshare driving was more like the wild west back then.

Now that type of entrepreneurship is “no bueno.”  ChatGPT seems out of touch with the current corporate environment at Uber and Lyft in 2023.

And how did ChatGPT end their essay?

In conclusion, there are several steps a rideshare driver can take to maximize their earnings. Utilizing surge pricing, optimizing driving routes, providing excellent customer service, taking advantage of promotions and bonuses, and considering additional income streams are all effective ways to increase earnings as a rideshare driver. By implementing these strategies, drivers can not only maximize their earnings but also improve their overall experience as a rideshare driver. It’s essential to remember that while earning money is a priority, providing a safe and enjoyable ride for riders should always be the top priority.

Should You Use ChatGPT as a Rideshare Driver?

So it looks like ChatGPT doesn’t give the best advice when it comes to earning more as a rideshare driver. It was right in some parts, but overall this essay written by ChatGPT wouldn’t help you very much.

It’s why visiting sites like The Rideshare Guy is still so important – with ChatGPT, now anyone can “make a website” about rideshare driving and have ChatGPT write all the articles.

But will you get actual, driver-proven advice about cherry-picking, how the algorithm works, or what strategies actually work to earn more? Not from those sites!

How Drivers Could Use ChatGPT to Improve Their Rideshare Experience

How can you actually use ChatGPT as a rideshare driver? One great way is actually to have ChatGPT text for you.

Here are two examples:

As a Rideshare/Delivery Driver: When you arrive, as a rideshare driver, or when you’re waiting to pick up food/items, as a delivery driver, you have the opportunity to text your passengers. This is probably easier for delivery drivers, but you can have ChatGPT write you “I’m waiting for my food, be there soon”, “traffic up ahead, I’ll be there in 10 minutes”, “let me know if you have any substitutions!”, “Is there a gate code to get to your location?” etc.

Yes, I just gave some generic examples, but it can be fun to tell ChatGPT to tell someone you’re running late in a “funny” or “conversational” way. This is especially helpful if you come across as curt or short in your exchanges with passengers.

Waiting for Customer Service Assistance: How many times have we contacted chat support to wait, repeat ourselves, and wait some more? Tell ChatGPT what your issue is, then ask it to write you a SHORT (emphasis on short!) summary of your problem “in a professional manner.” You can tweak it with the customer service response, but you’ll probably copy some variation of your request a few times into the chat.

ChatGPT’s professional and short response can help you, especially if you have the tendency to add too much information that overwhelms the overseas customer service department.

Key Takeaways

This ChatGPT technology is amazing. If I did not need to add my personal touches to RSG articles, I could have ChatGPT do all my work.

Fortunately, I am valuable here at The Rideshare Guy because I have done something ChatGPT has not: 28,500 rides.

I have real-life experience, and ChatGPT can only write an essay based entirely on what it can find on the internet.

As we know, not everything we see on the internet is true.

not everything on the internet is true
Not Everything on the Internet is True

Still, anytime you want to educate yourself on any topic, ChatGPT will give you a basic understanding.  As we have seen here, some of the information is relevant and pertinent, and some of it is outdated or not useful for the drivers.

No doubt, this technology will improve over the years.  No one really knows how artificial intelligence will further change and disrupt our lives.

Is the movie “Ex Machina” a harbinger of the future?  Let’s hope not.  Use ChatGPT wisely!