I’m a big fan of drivers finding ways to maximize their profits – so much in fact, I even named a course after it! But one of the companies that has really taken the rideshare world by storm over the past year is Cargo.

    If you’ve never heard of them, basically Cargo is like your car’s personal vending machine, and you can get paid for offering up a variety of items to your passengers. Rideshare passengers can scan the QR code or go to the website listed on the front of the box to easily select items and check out. And the nice thing for drivers is that Cargo offers free and paid items to your passengers and you get paid either way!

    uber eats

    If you want to check out our past content on Cargo and learn more, I’d recommend starting here:

    Otherwise, read on to learn about the company’s tremendous growth in the past year (20,000 boxes distributed) and their plans for celebrating Los Angeles area rideshare drivers in the month of May (and other cities too!).

    image of View of Cargo box

    View of Cargo box

    What’s New with Cargo?

    Since our last update on Cargo, Cargo has expanded into a couple new markets:

    • Miami
    • San Francisco

    They’re now available in the following markets:

    • Los Angeles
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Washington DC/Baltimore
    • Chicago
    • Miami
    • Boston
    • Atlanta
    • Dallas
    • Minneapolis
    image of The Cargo driver appreciation van on the road

    The Cargo driver appreciation van on the road

    Not just snacks anymore!

    In addition to the geographical expansion, Cargo is now offering drinks with the Cargo Cooler – and they’re proving to be a rider favorite. And based off the number of times riders have tried to sneak into my car with a beer, it’s probably not a huge surprise that passengers enjoy sipping a cool beverage in the back of a rideshare. But it’s cool to see Cargo expand their offerings and give drivers a way to offer more products and thus earn more.

    image of Cargo cooler in action!

    Cargo cooler in action!

    Cargo says they’ve also improved their refilling process, so you can get products via mail and in person now too. Since Cargo is an official Uber partner, they’ve got a booth at most Greenlight hubs so you can get help from Uber and refill on snacks at the same time.

    You can pick up Cargo boxes at the following Uber hubs below:

    • New York, NY
    • Chicago, IL
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Miami, FL
    • Washington DC/Baltimore, MD
    • Boston, MA

    Interested in signing up with Cargo? We make it easy with our step by step video below:


    Some of the best-selling products from Cargo boxes include beauty products (during Coachella) and drinks (during the Super Bowl)!

    image of Delicious options for your pax - including drinks!

    Delicious options for your pax – including drinks!

    Cargo’s Driver Appreciation Month in LA

    Throughout the month of May, Cargo will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary with LA drivers. They’ve got a ton of cool events planned and I have been impressed by the offerings.

    Events include:

    • car washes,
    • food truck nights
    • professional headshot photoshoots
    • tailgates and baseball games
    • movie nights
    • and more

    Recently, I attended one of Cargo’s free lunch events for LA drivers to sign copies of The Rideshare Guide! Every driver in attendance got a free signed copy of my book and free lunch – from The Poutine Brothers, all courtesy of Cargo.

    It was definitely cool to meet a bunch of fans in person, sign books and take selfies. And in addition to the free food and signed copy of my book, Cargo was also passing out lots of free swag and helping drivers with support issues too – so everything from fixing broken boxes to re-stocking.

    It’s been a few months since I went to a driver event, but I have to give kudos to Cargo for hosting the event at a convenient time (drivers could drop in anytime from 11 am – 2 pm), providing a good incentive to show up (free food!) and plenty of free parking 🙂

    If you missed this event, there’s a lot more great events still left and if you’re not in LA, don’t worry – Cargo was using us as a test bed and will actually be rolling out driver appreciation events to other cities in the future. So stay tuned!

    You can check it all out and learn more about upcoming Cargo events here. And if you’d like to sign up with Cargo, and get a free box, you can use our affiliate link here.

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    -Harry @ RSG

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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