DoorDash Orientation: Sign Up, Requirements & New Driver FAQ

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    10 min read

    Signing Up for DoorDash: Requirements, Orientation, and FAQ

    As you guys know, I’m always looking for new opportunities when it comes to the rideshare game.  When I first started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2014, I was making $20-$30/hr every time I went out but I knew that wouldn’t last. Nowadays, it makes the most sense to sign up for multiple gig job companies – Uber, Lyft and now, increasingly, delivery platforms like DoorDash. I recently signed up for Doordash and this is what the Doordash orientation was like.

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    Delivering For DoorDash: What Was My DoorDash Orientation Like?

    DoorDash Orientation, Sign Up, and FAQ

    DoorDash is growing rapidly now. That means they need lots of drivers, and there’s probably a lot of opportunities, so that’s why I decided to sign up.  Today I’m going to detail what that actual sign-up process is like, and tell you about what I learned at my DoorDash orientation.


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    DoorDash Sign-Up Process

    DoorDash has a similar process to many on-demand companies, but they actually have looser requirements than a lot of the rideshare companies.

    DoorDash Driver and Delivery Partner Requirements:

    • 18 or older
    • Any car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities)
    • Driver’s license number
    • Social security number (only in the United States)
    • Final Step: consent to a background check
    • You’ll need a smartphone for this job!

    DoorDash Application Tips

    The first step in the process is to submit some basic information here.

    DoorDash Sign Up Process - Become A Dasher

    DoorDash Sign Up Process – Application

    After that, you’ll need to fill out the rest of the application which includes four parts:

    • Detailed information about yourself
    • Enter your social security number and agree to a background check
    • Vehicle details (if you’ll be using a car)

    Here’s what the first page of the detailed application looks like:

    DoorDash Sign Up Process - Full Application

    DoorDash Sign Up Process – Full Application

    My Experience Signing Up for DoorDash

    In the past, DoorDash orientation was a lot more in-depth! Nowadays, it’s pretty easy. After you submit an application, choose a driver orientation (all online) and complete the app/get approved, you’re ready to go!

    Depending on how quickly you go through the orientation, you can be on the road within a week, max two weeks.

    Here’s a preview of what you can expect using the DoorDash driver app:


    If you’d like to sign up for DoorDash, please click here.

    DoorDash Orientation

    Depending on where you live, your DoorDash orientation may be in person at an office or online.

    Types of Orientations:

    • Scheduled Orientation: Choose an office and sign up for a specific orientation session.
    • Open Orientation – choose an office and go to the office during the hours which orientation sessions are offered.
    • Order an Activation Kit: Request an Activation Kit to be mailed to you so completing orientation in-person is no longer necessary.

    If you do go to an in-person DoorDash orientation, you’ll need to bring the following:

    1. Your smartphone (fully charged) for downloading the Dasher app.
    2. Driver’s License (or government issued ID)
    3. A credit/debit card if you would like to purchase Dasher gear.

    Here’s what I learned during Doordash orientation:

    DoorDash is Lots of Responsibility

    As Dashers, you’re obviously representing yourself and DoorDash, but you’re also representing the restaurants you’re delivering from.  So if you show up with a spilled container of food because you were driving like a maniac, that reflects poorly on everyone.

    Delivery companies have actually gotten into some trouble with restaurants for this very reason, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

    DoorDash Driver Scheduling & Utilization

    DoorDash uses a scheduling system whereby drivers can only work if they are scheduled to work.  You can reserve shifts through the Dasher app but you can still book shifts in real-time if they’re available. The other nuance that is important with DoorDash is that cities are broken up into multiple regions.

    So for Orange Country drivers, not only do you have to find a shift that meets your schedule, but you also need to find a shift that is in the region you want to start in.  And you can only start a shift if you’re physically in that area.

    If I book a shift for 10 am in Long Beach (which is a subset of DoorDash Orange County), I have to physically be in Long Beach in order to log on to my shift and start getting jobs.  Now, I can be pulled out of Long Beach, but DoorDash uses this method to ensure that drivers are evenly spread out (at least to start).

    I’ll be curious to see how it plays out in reality though, and if I’ll actually stay in Long Beach if I sign up for that shift or if I will be pulled into other regions.  Obviously, for drivers’ sake, you want to stay as local as possible, since this means less wear and tear on your car and lower overall expenses.

    While You’re On A Shift

    Dashers are paid $5 per delivery but there is often ‘Boost Pay’ if the delivery is a little farther than normal. DoorDash takes its cut directly from the customer, so you get to keep the entire delivery fee and 100% of tips.

    Customers set a tip amount when they place their order, but if they offer a cash tip at the end of the job, you are allowed to accept it.

    DoorDash also allows for batched orders, which basically means that you can get multiple jobs at once, that in theory, should increase your earnings and be more efficient for everyone.

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    Paying For Jobs

    DoorDash issues a credit card that you can use at all non-partner restaurants.  At partner restaurants (indicated on the app), you don’t have to worry about payment and all you have to do is go pick up the food.

    You aren’t a licensed food handler as a Dasher, so you can’t open the containers to check the accuracy of the orders, but you can still do a rough check to make sure the quantities line up and the receipt matches the app.

    Job Support

    While you’re on a job, you can text, live chat or call support.  I like that there are multiple options for Dashers, but again, I’ll need to see how they play out in real-time before I say how useful they are or aren’t. You can contact the customer through the app by calling or texting but obviously the latter is much less obtrusive.

    You can also reach out to DoorDash’s Dasher Help website, but it’s pretty generic. I’d use in-app help for a faster response!

    DoorDash Driver Ratings

    DoorDash uses a 1 to 5 rating system and also tracks drivers performance based on:

    • Completion rate – drivers must complete at least 70% of dashes
    • Acceptance rate – no minimum
    • On-time/early rate – no minimum

    According to DoorDash, customer ratings are from 1-5 and are calculated from the 100 most recent ratings submitted by customers on their delivery (not food) experience:

    “This is called a rolling average, because new scores replace old scores, allowing Dashers to improve their rating by “flushing out” older lower scores with newer higher scores as they become more experienced. This means that even if you drop below a perfect 5.0, you can get back up to 5.0 if you continue to earn enough perfect scores. “

    Dashers may be deactivated from the DoorDash platform if their customer rating drops below a 4.2.

    Earnings Claims

    DoorDash advertises $25/hr as potential earnings for drivers, but I’m not sold.  At orientation, the DoorDash employee also recited this number, but when he showed us an actual pay statement on the next page, I calculated the hourly earnings to be around $15/hr.

    When we drove for DoorDash, we calculated how much money DoorDash drivers make, and that amount came to around $15 (more or less depending on where or when you drive).

    DoorDash vs. Postmates

    Postmates came up more than a few times at orientation so I’m glad to see DoorDash isn’t oblivious to the fact that most drivers are working for multiple services.  But I noticed a few glaring differences from my Postmates orientation and experience:

    • More Organized: If you’ve read my review of Postmates orientation, you know that I wasn’t super happy about sitting there for two hours listening to their boring presentation.  Now granted, that was almost 6 months ago so I suspect they’ve improved, but DoorDash had a pretty impressive orientation and covered everything I wanted to know.  I only had one question at the end too 🙂
    • Driver Dispatch: On Postmates, drivers are matched with jobs as soon as the customer places the order.  This can be frustrating for the customer since they have to wait minutes sometimes to get matched and it means the driver might show up at a restaurant before the food is ready.  DoorDash accepts customer orders instantly but won’t assign them to a driver until the food is actually close to being ready.  This really saves time at restaurants where you know it takes longer than normal to prepare food (I’m looking at you, Bay Cities in LA – also my favorite sandwich shop in the world).
    • Scheduling: Postmates uses a scheduling system but you can also log in at any time you want.  Scheduled drivers are given priority but if you log on during busy lunch hours for example, you’re still pretty likely to still get a job.

    Still, it makes sense to sign up with both platforms to see which one is busier in your city! Sign up for Postmates here.

    DoorDash Orientation FAQ

    1. Do you get free DoorDash credit to order food as a Dasher?

    No, unfortunately you don’t get free credit for food as a Dasher but you can earn free credit by referring new customers.  If you want to give DoorDash a try as a customer, sign up here to get your first delivery free and $5 off your order.

    2. How should you dress for DoorDash orientation?

    Most people were dressed pretty casually but I think it’s always best to dress to impress.  So in this case, I’d recommend business casual.  Once you’ve made it in life, you can wear whatever the heck you want!

    Overall, I was pretty impressed with DoorDash orientation, and in our experience, driving for DoorDash is a pretty good way to earn extra money.

    I’m also a huge fan of diversifying your income too, and driving delivery with DoorDash is the perfect way to do that!

    If you’d like to sign up for DoorDash using my link, please click here.

    Drivers, what do you think about my DoorDash orientation experience?  What questions do you have about driving for DoorDash and what topics would you like to see me cover about them in the future?

    -Harry @ RSG

    Want More Tips? Deliver With DoorDash

    ddlgoDashers receive tips on 97% of their deliveries. DoorDash has a tip button and encourages customers to setup "automatic" tips. Become a dasher here.

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