Lean Now Offering Instant Pay to Grassdoor Drivers

We all know that drivers care about earning more money but what’s the next best thing? Getting your money faster! Recently, Grassdoor announced that they would be teaming up with financial services company Lean to offer workers instant pay – but not just any instant pay.

Lean sets workers up with a free debit card account that enables workers to get paid after every single job instantly and with NO fees. They also offer cash advances to workers that are signed up through Grassdoor’s platform.

Wondering how this works and how Lean came to be? Take a listen to Harry’s podcast episode with Lean founder and CEO Tilak Joshi. Harry is a big fan of the company and came on as an advisor and investor in 2021.

Lean is like a ‘digital wallet’ so, as a worker, you would set up a Lean digital bank account and then get your Grassdoor pay, for example, sent instantly to your debit card after every single job, with no fees to the worker or platform. Other platforms charge every time you do a cash out.

The other cool thing about the product Lean offers is that there are also no fees to the worker or platform to use their service since it’s a digital wallet. So the money goes straight from the customer to your bank account after every single gig!

Harry is quoted as saying, “Lean puts independent workers first. The benefits they offer—like instant pay after every job or access to no-cost capital—are game changers for gig economy workers and for the marketplaces who want to stay ahead of the pack.”

Grassdoor + Lean Partnership

Grassdoor is offering similar fee-free options to their drivers through Lean. In partnering with Lean, Grassdoor drivers can access the financial benefits Lean provides, including free daily payouts and the opportunity to partake in future Lean offerings like cash advances and lending.

Learn more about Grassdoor in Harry’s interview with Grassdoor Founder and CEO Zack Ein.

In a press release, Grassdoor CEO and Founder Zack Ein stated, “Our employees at Grassdoor have been our main priority since the company’s inception. It has remained our goal to ensure every employee is cared for and equipped with the tools needed for success, starting with the ability to access their earned capital immediately. Our partnership with Lean will allow us to provide drivers with the tools for financial wellness, and the opportunity to choose their own payment schedule.”

Grassdoor is a robust cannabis delivery platform, primarily functioning within the Los Angeles area. They offer their drivers W-2 positions with full benefits, mileage reimbursement and more.

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The press release also said:

Unlike many services that charge for immediate payments, and are typically limited to dollar amounts, or percentages of full paychecks, Lean’s model allows Grassdoor drivers to access their full paycheck in advance, and is always completely free for both workers and marketplaces. Lean works with clean, high-fidelity data that enables workers to be re-risked and empowered to take advantage of financial tools that were once inaccessible to them.

Platforms will likely continue partnering with Lean in order to offer these services for free to drivers. Nothing is more frustrating for a driver than having to pay a fee just to access their own money faster than the once-per-week deposit most platforms offer.

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-Paula @ RSG