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    In this episode, I’m excited to chat with Tilak Joshi about Lean, which connects gig workers to instant pay – with no fees! Lean also has some other cool products, which I see as a win-win-win for drivers and gig companies. I talk with Tilak about the gig economy, how Lean’s instant pay works, which companies Lean works with, and more.

    Intro to Tilak Joshi

    • Founder and CEO of Lean
    • Formerly Head of Mint
    • Bringing expertise tailored-made for gig workers

    How the Gig Worker Pay Cycle Works Now

    • Typically takes a week to get paid
    • Instant pay is traditionally more expensive because of credit cards
    • That’s why getting instant pay generally costs more

    How Lean Came About

    • Learning more about the industry, found a need for this
    • So many challenges in the gig economy and financial system
    • Put knowledge of FinTech to solve these problems

    Partnerships with Lean

    • Flywheel partnership – more than taxis
    • Almost an entire 100% opt in rate
    • Has helped drivers collect payments and get access to loans
    • Low cost loans

    Next Steps

    • Improving the financial challenges 1099 workers face
    • Looking to partner with more companies (health care staffing, trucking, etc.)
    • Lean works with all types of companies and is a win-win-win

    Show Notes

    RSG 207: Uber x Taxis

    RSG194: Delivering Cannabis with GrassDoor

    Visit Lean’s Website

    Find Tilak on LinkedIn

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