RSG013: What Does 2015 Have In Store For Rideshare?

The Rideshare Guy Podcast Episode 13
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Rideshare in 2014 was characterized by insane growth and rapid change.  Some of that change was good, some of that change was bad, but the industry is still alive and kicking.  Sometimes I think we forget that rideshare is still in its infancy.  We want issues like insurance and regulation to magically disappear but that won’t happen overnight.  You have to give these things some time.

I released an article last week that featured 43 industry experts giving their outlook on rideshare in 2015, but today I wanted to give you guys my take.  This podcast will cover everything from what went down in 2014 to what companies we should be on the lookout for in 2015.  Since I talk to so many drivers and people in the know on a daily basis, sometimes I feel like I have a crystal ball into the future.  I can see companies on the rise and driver support systems gaining momentum.  And although it might seem like things are getting worse for drivers due to lower fares, as you’ll hear in this podcast, there is a lot of potential and opportunity for drivers going forward in 2015.  You just have to be patient 🙂

I’ll also share a few big announcements that will be happening on RSG in 2015 and I’ll even be revealing the name of a brand new rideshare podcast that was released last week (I was a part of their first episode).  So enjoy the show and as always, let me know in the comments if you have any feedback for me.


Quick Recap of 2014

  • Insane growth for rideshare in 2014
  • Fare cuts hit drivers at the end of the year hard though

Insurance Issues

  • The coverage is not the problem
  • 90% of you have not told your insurance company that you are a rideshare driver
  • Not a priority for Uber/Lyft
  • The insurance gap period
  • Colorado just made some big changes to insurance
  • Hybrid policies and riders are on the way

Fighting Regulators and Government

  • Rideshare benefits consumers so why isn’t it legal everywhere yet?
  • Uber’s army of lobbyists
  • Uber pushes the boundaries and waits for the government to catch up
  • CA DMV memo was released and then retracted

International Expansion

  • International taxis are even worse
  • TK at DLD in Germany
  • Let’s call an ‘Uber’

Lyft, Uber and Sidecar (And More)

  • Lyft

    • Rooting for Lyft but what is their strategy?
    • Need to play to their strengths
    • “Your friend with a car”
  • Uber

    • The $100 billion mindset
    • My tour at Uber
    • If you can’t get a job at Uber, you go to Lyft
    • When will driver attrition start to affect Uber’s growth?
    • Uber’s treatment of the media
    • SF Happy hour meet-up with the tech media
    • Uber’s Mega IPO
  • Sidecar

    • Don’t call it a comeback
  • Localized & Niche Rideshare Companies

    • There are lots of companies beyond Uber, Lyft and Sidecar that are popping up
    • Diversify your income

Explosion of Rideshare Support Companies

  • Groove, Breeze & Sherpashare are here to stay

RSG in 2015

  • The year of the video (YouTube channel and video course)
  • One podcast every two weeks
  • We’re now on terrestrial radio
  • Support our sponsor: YourMechanic
  • The RSG app is on the way!
  • Media mentions and content syndication
  • 3-4 articles per week (more city specific stuff and guest posts)
  • Consulting for some rideshare companies and offering premium services


  • Things are changing, lots of ups and downs
  • Weather the storm
  • Go out there and make things happen for yourself
  • How are you going to outdo/outwork the competition?

Show Notes

So what do you think about the outlook of rideshare in 2015?  Do you agree or disagree with any of my predictions?