RSG064: Two MRP Students Share Their Best Strategies and Tips

Maximum Ridesharing Profits is a course I created, along with another experienced rideshare driver, a few years ago, and it’s been incredibly helpful for students who’ve taken the course. Today, I wanted to bring on two MRP students to discuss the strategies they learned from MRP and what they’ve implemented. Both Chike and Adan have some really great tips on today’s episode, and there’s a lot of information in this podcast to help you get on the road and work smarter, not harder.

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I'm all about working smarter and not harder, but enough from me - tips and strategies from Maximum Ridesharing Profits students here:


  • One thing I really like about rideshare driving is that it enables you to be an entrepreneur
  • You’ll notice one of the taglines for this podcast is “Work Smarter, Not Harder”
  • Today I’ll be talking with two Maximum Ridesharing Profit students who are going to share their best strategies and tips
  • Maximum Ridesharing Profits is a course that we created a couple years ago that’s all about helping drivers make more money from their driving
  • If you’re a driver who wants to confirm some of your own strategies, the course has helped students answer the questions, “What am I doing out there? What can I be doing better?”

Interview with Chike Ujagu

  • Started as a part-time driver initially then moved to full-time
  • Prefers part-time driving to full time because it’s easier physically, but makes double as a full-time driver
  • Drives in San Francisco, primarily with Lyft

Suggested Driving Strategies

  • Really important to learn your city and traffic trends, especially if you’re a FT time
  • If you’re a PT driver, you can do airport runs and big events, but driving FT means you have to be more aware and informed to drive consistently
  • Really important to minimize the time from request to pick up – the more time you waste on getting to the rider, that’s like unpaid time
  • It can actually be more profitable to drive for one company (like Lyft) over driving for both – bonuses, prime time, etc.

Experience with Maximum Ridesharing Profits

  • Signed up for the course to confirm driving strategies
  • Learned new things as well, including information on taxes and what you can write off, insurance, etc.

Interview with Adan Castillo

  • Adan is a former engineer and is now full-time entrepreneur
  • He started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2015 because he needed a flexible schedule
  • In 2017, he started, a resource for Chicago drivers
  • Driving for rideshare was flexible and could pay the bills, leaving Adan with more time for his family

Suggested Driving Strategies

  • In salary positions, the more you work, the less you make because you’re paid a set amount. Not the same with rideshare driving
  • Now drives full time vs. part-time
  • Chicago is a popular destination for business travelers, and the airports are very busy, so airports are an important part of rideshare driving strategies – but you don’t want to spend a lot of time there
  • Important to talk to people in your city – particularly bartenders!
  • Really important to know your city – know about the big events, but also the smaller events

Experience with Maximum Ridesharing Profits

  • Really helpful that the course helps you think of driving as a business – you’re a business owner
  • Tax advice and strategies was helpful too
  • The advanced strategies were also really helpful, strategies for diversifying your income


  • Big thank you to Chike and Adan for coming on the podcast and chatting with me!
  • Maximum Ridesharing Profits takes the videos, podcasts, and articles you read on RSG to another level – MRP is like a personal trainer for rideshare drivers
  • This course is for people who are looking to take their driving to the next level
  • Looking to do more of these chats with drivers – would you be interested in sharing your thoughts with me? Let me know!
  • Follow me on FacebookTwitter and YouTube and you can always contact me if you have questions – I like to hear from you all!

Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

-Harry @ RSG

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