RSG144: Sam Arons on Lyft’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

Even though electric vehicles are fairly well-known, there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to electric vehicle technology, EV politics, and more. Right now, it’s an exciting time to be in the EV space! In this episode, we’ll be speaking to a guy who’s trying to get EVs in the hands of more drivers. Stay tuned!

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Intro to Sam Arons

  • Lyft and Uber recently announced big transitions to EVs – more and more models are becoming mainstream
  • Director of Sustainability at Lyft
  • Oversees Lyft’s sustainability and climate impact efforts
  • Prior to Lyft, worked at Google

Sustainability Goals

  • Get up to cost parity
  • Battery technology has gotten better, cheaper
  • Expand access to EVs through Express Drive
  • Incentive programs (rebates, etc.)

Who Should Buy EVs?

  • Really depends on how much mileage drivers are using – not necessarily full time vs part time drivers
  • Nissan Leaf could be better for drivers who drive less
  • Chevy Bolt could be better for higher mileage drivers
  • Less than 1% of cars on Lyft’s platform are EVs

How to Get EVs in More Drivers’ Hands

  • Introducing drivers to EVs through Express Drive
  • Highlight money-saving aspects of EVs – more you drive, more you save
  • Rental cars are typically high-mileage vehicles
  • Government incentives help as well
  • Drivers can earn more by using EVs
  • Riders are choosing to take more ‘green’ vehicles

Challenges with EVs

  • Availability of charging stations
  • Cost
  • Charging stations in the home – set up, electricity costs
  • Working with governments and private companies to get more charging stations out


  • Thanks to Sam for coming on the show – interesting to hear how Lyft teams work together on these initiatives
  • Good timing as Uber recently made a similar announcement
  • This is becoming an inevitability – but a lot needs to happen and go right

Show Notes