Brazil is one of Uber’s biggest markets, and there are thousands of drivers. What is it like driving in Brazil, and how are things different (yet still the same) for Brazilian rideshare drivers?  In this episode, I’m going to talk to a Brazilian Uber driver about his experience, challenges and opportunities of driving in Brazil, and more.

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    Intro to Francisco Bianchi

    • Driver in Brazil, has a big community on social media for drivers
    • Only drives for Uber, has been driving for 3 years
    • Invited by Uber Brazil to be the only Brazilian rep at the Uber IPO in NYC
    • Also a real estate agent – drives as much as he wants in between his other job

    Logistics of Uber in Brazil

    • Cost of vehicles in Brazil: a lot more than cars cost in the US
    • Drives in an area of around 5 million people
    • Drives a Chevy Onix – is a rental car (similar to a Chevy Malibu)
    • Gas is very expensive in Brazil

    Biggest Challenges for Drivers in Brazil

    • For the longest time, Brazilian Uber drivers gave cash rides
    • Drivers didn’t like this – for good reason!
    • Slowly starting to change – about 50/50 rides are cash-only
    • #1 issue: safety – people try to steal your car, cash, wallet, etc.
    • Francisco’s tip for staying safe: drive where you feel safe, regardless of where it is

    Driving for Uber in Brazil

    • Some drivers are proud to drive for Uber
    • Some drivers are doing it because they lost other jobs
    • Driver mindset: drivers didn’t dream of becoming drivers, but they’re doing their best and it’s an opportunity for drivers
    • Francisco started his social media channels to show drivers in Brazil how he drives for Uber, what he does, etc.

    COVID + Driving in Brazil

    • Francisco is still driving in Brazil
    • Did stop for a few months in March
    • Put in a barrier/partition and passengers can only sit in the back now
    • Trips have rebounded


    • Thanks to Francisco for coming on the show – interesting perspective of what it’s like driving in Brazil!
    • I like to explore other businesses – around the world – and like to get other drivers’ perspectives

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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