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    In this episode, I’m chatting with the co-founder of Buckle, Dustin Walsey. One of the biggest challenges for rideshare drivers is insurance: how to get something that covers drivers completely at an affordable price. We’ll chat about how Dustin got involved in rideshare insurance, what rideshare insurance is, what Buckle offers, what makes Buckle unique and more. 


    Intro to Dustin Walsey

    • Launched Buckle in 2017
    • Prior to that, owned AutoTown Insurance
    • Realized that drivers may not have adequate insurance while driving
    • Started talking to drivers while taking rides as a passenger

    What is Buckle?

    • Simple! Providing financial services to people who operate in the gig economy
    • Started with insurance
    • Credit in the form of leasing, particularly for drivers with low credit
    • Building equity

    Buckle’s Growth Strategy

    • Chose to launch in GA because that’s where he’s from
    • Robust rideshare market, too
    • Focused on the part-time rideshare driver
    • Also works with rideshare companies to market to drivers, help them get insurance, etc.

    Lowering the Cost of Insurance: Using Data

    • Buckle uses data to determine to help reduce insurance costs for drivers
    • Star ranking and other data sets helps to lower insurance prices for good drivers
    • Doing this, Buckle can offer competitive prices
    • Buckle is a full stack insurance company

    Future of Buckle

    • Rapid expansion!
    • Partnerships in the coming months
    • Big growth into food and packaged delivery – similar to rideshare
    • Delivery is expanding so rapidly and it’s here to stay


    • Thanks to Dustin for coming on the podcast – I love to feature companies that help gig workers
    • Only company out there that has created a big company designed to help gig workers
    • Got started in financial services, but they’re looking to expand!

    Show Notes

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