RSG174: Delivering Packages, Not People with Roadie

What if you could make money on trips you’re already taking – dropping packages off, for instance, when you’re already on your way somewhere else? In this episode, I chat with the CEO of Roadie about exactly this. We’ll talk about what Roadie is, how Roadie drivers are different, and how Roadie handled COVID. 

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Intro to Marc Gorlin

  • Founder and CEO of Roadie
  • Sees Roadie as a side hustle to someone’s side hustle
  • Truly geared to people who want to do something part time
  • Why not use extra room in people’s cars, for instance, to transport things – and those people get paid!

What is Roadie?

  • The nation’s first “on the way” crowdsourced delivery platform
  • Community of 200k drivers
  • Pays people who are already heading one way to deliver something along the way
  • People deliver everything from cupcakes to couches

How Does Roadie Work?

  • Providing excellent service to customers relies on crowdsourcing
  • You might be able to do cupcakes today, and someone else can do couches tomorrow
  • Drivers have the flexibility to pick and choose what they want to accept
  • Drivers can also consolidate delivery gigs

What Can Drivers Expect When Driving for Roadie?

  • Average payouts range from $8-20, but up to the $100s depending on what and where you’re delivering
  • Per mile or per hour is what is considered
  • Pick up and drop off – challenges on both ends, including getting the items from stores
  • Some orders are same day, others are prescheduled into the future

Roadie Growth

  • Expansion into other markets
  • Need to put yourself in the drivers’ shoes
  • A lot to consider to make it efficient for both the driver and the customer
  • Still considering on-demand market


  • Thanks to Marc for coming on the podcast and talking all about what it’s like at Roadie
  • I wanted to chat with Marc because I see last mile delivery as a huge and accelerating opportunity
  • Big sectors of the on-demand and mobility landscape

Show Notes