RSG187: Helping Gig Workers Get Healthcare

Health insurance, mileage deduction, taxes – there are a lot of things to deal with as gig workers, and sometimes it can feel like gig workers are all on their own. In this episode, I chat with Noah Lang of Stride about how Stride helps drivers, Stride’s growth and investment news, and more. 

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Intro to Noah Lang

  • CEO of Stride
  • Previously founding VP at
  • Focused on products + health
  • Origin story – protecting people’s lives and livelihoods!

Stride’s Origins

  • Began around 2014
  • Major gap – where could gig workers get benefits?
  • Gig work is a really big umbrella – includes drivers but also any freelancers, restaurant workers, etc.
  • Gig economy continues to expand

Who Does Stride Benefit?

  • Gig workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • People who work part-time who aren’t offered benefits
  • Stride helps to fill that gap

What is Crucial for a New Gig Worker to Know?

  • Insurance may be a lot cheaper than you thought!
  • A lot depends on your taxable income – which can also be confusing
  • Stride helps track your expenses (like mileage!)

What’s Next?

  • Currently, we have a broken benefits system
  • Stride looking to fix it, starting with gig workers
  • More flexibility in this growing gig economy
  • Investment funding is going directly back into the company to benefit gig workers


  • Big thanks to Noah for coming on the podcast!

Show Notes