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The Rideshare Guy 2014 Year in Review

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    5 min read

    With 2014 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have supported my site over the past 7 months.  This will be our last post of 2014 but trust me when I say we have some very big things planned for 2015.

    I started this site all the way back in May in order to empower drivers to earn more money by teaching them to work smarter, not harder.  I would have been happy if my articles and podcasts helped a few hundred people but they ended up reaching and potentially helping tens of thousands of drivers.  That was and still is pretty cool.


    To be honest, it has been a lot of work though.  And there have been times where I was pretty sick of driving and writing about driving and talking about driving.  But every time I get an e-mail from a fan thanking me or a comment on one of my articles saying how useful a certain post was, that gives me the motivation to push through those feelings of exhaustion and continue doing what I do best!

    Thanks to you guys, The Rideshare Guy has become one of the top influencers in the rideshare space and we have gained some awesome publicity through media outlets like the New York Times, CNET, Forbes, VICE and Yahoo Tech just to name a few.  The end result of all of this is that my articles and podcasts will help even more drivers out there.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that that feels pretty good but I really do like helping people and I like knowing that I’m making peoples lives better.

    It obviously hasn’t been all me though.  Scott has been a big help with his insightful articles and Jack has also consistently contributed some pretty awesome and often hilarious Friday News Round-ups.  We’ve also had some great guest posts by The Black Car Guy and The Rideshare Chick that I know a lot of you have appreciated.  And last but not least, my virtual assistant Marie has done a great job taking care of a lot of the back end stuff.

    I’ve got some pretty big plans for the site in 2015 but the core message won’t ever change.  I’m still going to do everything I can to help you guys be better drivers, live more fruitful lives and have a little fun along the way.  That has been my goal from the start and I don’t intend to let anything get in the way of that.

    Before I take a two-week hiatus for the holidays, I wanted to leave you with plenty of material to keep you busy though.  I know there are a lot of new readers who probably have missed a lot of this content and even if you’ve been here since the beginning it’s always good to brush up on this stuff.

    The Ultimate Guide to Being A Rideshare Driver

    I now send this out as a free giveaway to everyone who signs up for the e-mail list but if you want to brush up on it, you can find a copy here.

    Our First Article Ever

    If you’re new to the site and you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can start reading from the first article we ever wrote: My First Week As A Lyft Driver

    The Most Popular Articles of 2014

    1. Do Drivers Make More Money With Lyft Or Uber?
    2. How To Get An Uber Airport Ride at LAX
    3. How Much Did I Make Driving For Lyft&Uber on a Saturday Night in the OC/LA?
    4. Why The Downfall Of Lyft Is Imminent
    5. Top 10 Ways That Uber and Lyft Passengers Are Gaming The System (And How To Prevent It)

    Some of the Most Commented Articles of 2014

    1. Why The Downfall of Lyft Is Imminent (38)
    2. Do Drivers Make More Money With Lyft Or Uber? (36)
    3. From Low Paid Cab Driver to $10,000 A Month Uber Driver (34)
    4. How to Build A Network Of Passengers (17)
    5. How Much Did I Make Driving For Lyft&Uber on a Saturday Night in the OC/LA? (16)

    My Favorite Articles of 2014

    My Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2014

    Top Media Features Of 2014

    Top Guest Posts And Interviews of 2014

    Oh and if you didn’t know this already, I also run a personal finance blog ( and used to be a freelance writer so I have about three years worth of material over there if you have any interest in finance, entrepreneurship or travel.

    How was your 2014 as a rideshare driver?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and a recap of what the year was like for you.

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    Harry Campbell

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