Thinking beyond rideshare.

No matter how well you drive, how long you’ve been driving, or how high your rating, Uber and Lyft can deactivate you at any time. Given this harsh reality of our gig economy, it’s important to have a Plan B so that these unexpected events will not cause you a severe loss of income. Whether you’re looking to diversify your rideshare career or transition to a new career, below we’ve listed some great alternatives to rideshare driving.

Truck Driving

How to get started trucking.

uber freight driver

How to Become an Uber Freight Driver

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When we first started our series on truck driving, many of you reached out inquiring about Uber Freight. We had contributor-at-large Jon Knope continue his series on truck driving with…
truck driver

Truck Driver Salary and Life as a Truck Driver

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In our second article on how to become a truck driver, RSG special contributor Jon Knope shares what life is like on the road as a truck driver and what…

The Big Rig Review: The Demise and Ascent of Truck Driving

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Throughout our series on truck driving, readers asked us what truck driving is like nowadays. RSG contributor-at-large Jon Knope reviews The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American…

The Long Blink Review: One Parent’s Quest to Make US Roads Safer

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As rideshare drivers, we are perhaps more aware of road safety than any other driver on the road. We have to pay attention to a myriad of things going on…


How to become a taxi driver and diversify your income.

8 Reasons Why San Francisco Taxi Driving Beats Driving for Uber

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Ever since rideshare has come onto the scene, there has been competition between rideshare and taxi drivers. Over the years, we’ve had Rideshare Guy contributors try out taxi driving, and,…

RSG089: Jay Cradeur on What It’s Like to Drive a Taxi!

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If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here. Over the past 5 years, Uber and Lyft have seen explosive growth. One of the casualties of that…

What’s It Like To Be A Taxi Driver vs an Uber Driver?

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The second installment of Jay drives a taxi instead of rideshare brings a summary to Jay’s entire taxi experience. How much did he make? What was the overall experience like?…

Life After Rideshare Jobs

Additional job ideas for your life after rideshare!

UPS personal vehicle package delivery

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Review – Signing Up & Thoughts

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In our ongoing life after rideshare series, we strive to bring you alternatives to rideshare driving. You can see our full list of gig jobs here, but today we’re bringing…
Rakuten reviews

15 Legit Money-Making Apps That Pay You

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If you're anything like most people, chances are your phone is around you 99% of the time (ok, maybe 100% of the time). Instead of mindlessly scrolling, why not put…
make 100 dollars fast

Side Hustle List: Best Side Hustles in 2022

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Here at The RideShare Guy we've been helping people just like you find the best side hustle jobs for over 6 years.  We've famously written about how to earn $100…

100+ Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

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Wondering how to make money? Or better yet, how to make money fast? You may need extra money right now, but you're not sure how to begin or what's a…

Thumbtack Pro: A Solid Option for Handy Gig Workers [Ultimate Guide]

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Do you have skills in home improvement, or training in certain industries? If so, you could make thousands of dollars with Thumbtack. Below, RSG contributor Chonce Maddox-Rhea reviews the gig…
make 1000 fast

15+ Best Online Jobs for College Students

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We all know college can be expensive! From tuition to books, late-night study food and more, it’s not cheap to be a college student anymore. If you’re looking for a…


Is it worth it to become a Notary Public?

From Rideshare Driver to Notary Public: One Driver’s Plan B

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Is there life after rideshare? For many drivers, the answer is an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ Senior RSG contributor Jay Cradeur highlights one driver’s life after rideshare as a notary public, which he…

Bonus Pod: Introducing the Rideshare Dojo!

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Today's podcast episode is a special "bonus episode" and I have some exciting news for you: we're launching a new podcast called the Rideshare Dojo! The podcast tagline is 'by…

Create Content

You can make money by talking about anything you're passionate about online.

How I Launched My New Rideshare Podcast in 7 Easy Steps

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Exciting news: we have a new ridesharing podcast to tell you about! Senior RSG contributor Jay Cradeur recently launched a new podcast called the Rideshare Dojo Podcast, and below he…
RSG043: Randy Shear on Becoming The YouTube Blogger UberMan. Interview with Randy Shear, the world-famous YouTube blogger UberMan #Blogger #youtube

RSG043: Randy Shear on Becoming The YouTube Blogger UberMan

| Create Content, Podcast | 2 Comments
If you've ever Youtubed anything related to rideshare, you've probably come across one of UberMan's videos.  He's the most well known Youtube rideshare blogger and one of the main reasons…
RSG026: How Do I Make Money With A Blog? In this episode of the podcast, I'll let you guys know exactly how I make money with a blog. #Blog #Blogger #youtube

RSG026: How Do I Make Money With A Blog?

| Create Content, Podcast | 7 Comments
Now that I'm a full-time blogger, I get a lot of questions from people about how I make money with a blog.  In this podcast, I decided to break it all…