RSG087: Jay Cradeur Answers YOUR Top 10 Rideshare Questions!

Over the last five years, we here at RSG have received a ton of questions about rideshare driving! We’ve rounded up the top 10 most frequently asked rideshare questions and had our very own Jay Cradeur tackle those questions and share his thoughts in this podcast episode below. You can read the full FAQ here: The Most Popular Rideshare Questions – Answered.

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  • It’s safe to say RSG receives thousands of questions every year about rideshare driving, delivery and more
  • But what we’ve found is that the same 5-10 questions bubble up and are asked over and over
  • We wrote a blog post on these top questions, but today we’re going to get a more in-depth response to these questions
  • Jay Cradeur, RSG writer and a full time driver in San Francisco, tackles these top 10 questions and adds his own personal recommendations
  • Let me know what you think of this podcast format!

[3:16] How can I earn more in [my city]?  

  • The biggest determining factor? What the demand is like for Uber/Lyft in your city
  • Low demand (maybe a small population or rideshare is new), little demand. Bigger city, more demand
  • Surge, prime time will also help your bottom line
  • Your schedule – part time drivers may struggle more with earning bonuses, as may drivers that don’t work on busy days/nights

[6:46] How can I consistently earn money?

  • Put in your hours
  • Always stay busy while you’re on the road – DoorDash, Postmates, Caviar, etc.

[7:32]  Any other tips for driving?

  • Take care of your physical self
  • Avoid excessive caffeine
  • Try the cold brew coffee.

[9:00]  Where can I find rideshare insurance?

  • We have an insurance page you can check out!
  • Biggest thing to pay attention to: period 1, when your app is on but no passenger in the car
  • This is really when you will want coverage!
  • But having full coverage from an insurance provider we recommend (we check and make sure the companies listed offer coverage to rideshare drivers, or at least won’t drop them for rideshare driving!) is the best way to protect yourself

[11:15] Which rideshare insurance policy is best?

  • Depends on a variety of factors, especially where you live!
  • Check out the insurance page and always ask multiple companies for quotes – don’t just go for the first offer

[11:31] Where can I get a vehicle to drive for Uber and/or Lyft?

[13:18] What do rideshare drivers really need carry in their car?

  1. Phone Mount
  2. Car Charger Hub and Charging Cables
  3. Dash Cam
  4. All Weather Floor Mats
  5. Towels (for cleaning and for service dogs)
  6. Seat Covers
  7. Illuminated Uber/Lyft Window Sign
  8. Car Cleaning Supplies (interior and exterior)
  9. Tip Jar (with a funny picture/message)
  10. Emesis Bags (for throw up/vomit/barf)

[16:27] How can I stay safe while driving?

  • In most states, you can’t bring a gun into your car with Uber/Lyft, so make sure you check all your local laws to see what you can and can’t bring with you
  • Overall, avoid fighting your passengers, even if they are trying to fight you. Get away from the situation (preferably drive away if they are outside of your car)
  • Your safety is the most important thing!
  • If you’ve recently gotten into an accident while driving for Uber/Lyft, we recommend speaking with Bryant Greening, an attorney at LegalRideshare – (312) 767-2222.  Head to the Uber Accident Lawyer page to learn more.

[19:26] How do I contact Uber & Lyft?

  • Best way: through the app
  • In many cities, there is phone support through the app
  • Check out the show notes for more information on phone numbers, critical safety response, and more
  • Another way? Go into an Uber or Lyft Hub! Speaking to someone in person can really help you out and get you clarification

[20:21] Bird Questions

  • The number one question we get now about Bird is when are they coming to my market!
  • Be patient, Bird is expanding and growing their Charger team
  • If you apply to be a Charger and don’t hear back, it’s probably because you either didn’t finish the onboarding process or Bird is not currently adding new Chargers to your market
  • It pays to sign up with Bird right away once they get to your market, just so you can be one of the first people they accept.


  • This is definitely one of our most comprehensive podcasts we’ve done on ridesharing (and Charging!) in a while, and I hope you got some good information and perspective from Jay and his stories
  • RSG gets 50-100 questions a day from readers, everything from simple questions like the ones above to a lot more complex questions
  • We also get a ton of Facebook messages too!
  • If it takes a little while to get back to you, don’t worry – just working through the pile of emails!
  • But one of the best parts of this job is getting to talk to and interact with you, so please – keep sending me those questions!
  • Let me know what you think of this podcast set up
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Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.