Most high earning drivers with Uber don’t want you to know these secrets – they’d rather you think earnings were low and “not worth it” so they can continue earning $30+ an hour, even in smaller markets! Below, RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook gathers up the best strategies from high earning drivers and shares it with you!

    For a while now, drivers have been making $30, $40, and much more than that while driving. A lot of that comes from promotions that companies are offering right now.

    What if I told you that you could make that amount of money all the time? Here are ways high-earning drivers have consistently made money driving.

    This article is sponsored by Uber and, as always, opinions are our own. Uber does not guarantee future earnings. Earnings can vary depending on many factors, including time spent driving and delivering with Uber, rider and delivery demand and other factors.

    1) Take Advantage Of Promotions

    Every week Uber sends me a promotion, and as of publish, these range from an extra $20 to $100 for 20 to 70 rides.

    Promotions are determined by a number of factors, including your market, how long it’s been since you’ve driven, and more. However, drivers we’ve spoken to have said they’re regularly earning $40+ in markets like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other big cities.

    On Facebook, we even had one commenter say, “If you count quest bonuses I’m closer to $50 an hour on average over the last three months.”

    One shared a screenshot of their earnings:

    This shows an average of $47.79/hr using the online time and about $49/hr using their engaged hours.

    There are also promotions that are time-sensitive. For instance, in my area most Friday nights through Sunday afternoons, Uber will offer me a consecutive trip bonus. If I do a certain number of rides in a row without turning off, they’ll give me a bonus ranging from $5 to $20.

    You may also receive a time-sensitive bonus like the one Harry received in Los Angeles: $100 for 3 rides!

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    Another promotion is surge, which is when there is high demand in an area and not enough drivers. In these cases, Uber or Lyft offer additional money to get you to do it. In my area, it’s usually about an extra $1, but I’ve seen it as high as an extra $5. Just open the app and you can see where it’s surging the most right on the map.

    The best thing to do to make the most amount of money with promotions is to combine as many as possible at the same time.

    If you have a quest to do 20 rides, do it at a time that you’re more likely to get a surge and a consecutive bonus. Combining all 3 will drastically increase how much you make while you drive.

    Not really sure if this is possible in smaller markets? Actually, right now – it is! Take a listen to this video from RSG contributor Joe, who drives in the Minneapolis area: Uber Driver Earnings 2021: How I Make Over $37 An Hour!

    2) Drive and Deliver in the Same Uber App!

    Here at The Rideshare Guy, we are huge fans of using multiple apps at the same time. My favorite option for delivery? Uber Eats.

    Best of all? No need to app switch! You can drive and deliver all in the same Uber Driver app.

    If you’re not already delivering, just go to Preferences in the Uber app and you can turn delivery on and start getting requests right away.

    My strategy is to give some rides with the Uber app, then when I get close to a busy area with lots of restaurants, turn on Uber Eats deliveries for any pings.

    Why do I check for Uber Eats deliveries if I’m already Ubering? Uber Eats typically has drop offs that are close by, so I’m usually guaranteed not to be taken too far out of my ‘drive zone’ when I make a delivery.

    Driving and delivering is a little trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to just doing one!

    3) Follow Local Events

    No matter where you live, there is something going on in your town. In many markets, big events are back! Whether it’s a concert, sport event, comedian, new movie coming out, or a food truck rally, it (literally) pays to be in the know.

    Picking up a local paper is a quick and easy way to see what’s going on. You could also go to your town’s website and see if they have a calendar, or better yet an email list you can sign up for that will let you know what’s going on and when around your town.

    Once you have that information, you can choose to drive when people will be heading to those things. If the concert starts at 7, start driving around 5 to get people in town heading to the concert.

    Also look for what time the event will end, and drive in that area at that time to get those who have finished the event and need to go home.

    4) Know Your Market

    On top of following events in your area, also know what goes on in your town regularly.

    Where is the popular spot for the locals to go on the weekend? What about the sports team in your area? Not only should you know when there are games going on, you should also find out where the rideshare parking lot is.

    If you’re close to an airport, know the times that planes are coming in and going out. When people are heading to the airport, try to be close to the hotels people stay at while on vacation so you get rides to the airport.

    Know your market really well and ready to drive with Uber? Get started here!

    5) Go The Extra Mile

    We’ve all heard about drivers using Uber who have a karaoke machine or are all decked out for the holiday going on. If that’s your thing, more power to you, but you don’t have to go to that extreme to stand out – or to get better tips.

    However, there are a few ways you can “go the extra mile” and get those tips, including dressing up – just a little!

    I typically like to drive in t-shirt and shorts. But, truth be told, when you dress nicer, people will view you as more professional. Don’t let that be where you end though, also consider opening the doors for your passengers, telling them to have a good day, having bottles of water for them, or gum.

    It costs time and money to do so, but you’ll likely get better tips.

    6) Network While Driving

    One of the most asked questions I’ve ever had while driving is “what else do you do?” I have used this opportunity to share with people all the online ventures I do.

    It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes the person you are driving around needs whatever service you offer. For me, it’s Facebook Ads, content creation, and helping out with selling things on Amazon.

    You could be a real estate agent, and they are in need of a new house, or to sell theirs. Maybe you’re a handyman and need a project. Whatever the case may be, you may find your next customer while driving with Uber. Keep some cards handy just in case!

    7) Use Your Down Time

    Though the goal is to have zero downtime so you make the most money, odds are from time to time you will have some. It’s important to have something planned for just such an occasion.

    Whether it’s studying for school, learning a new trade, taking a course to make more money while rideshare driving or delivering, make sure you have something in place so that your downtime isn’t a waste of time.  And with Uber, now you can learn a new language with free access to Rosetta Stone and more, just head over to the Uber Pro hub in the app.

    *To be eligible for free Rosetta Stone lessons, drivers and delivery people must have Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status through Uber Pro. See terms and conditions for Uber Pro here. To redeem the reward, program members must sign up for Rosetta Stone. Additional terms may apply; see Rosetta Stone’s terms here.

    Summary: High Earnings While Rideshare Driving Are Possible

    While right now is the best time to drive rideshare, given the incredible demand and low number of drivers, it’s also possible to consistently make high earnings year round.

    Just follow these seven tips:

    • Always take advantage of promotions
    • Drive and deliver with Uber, all in the same app
    • Follow local events
    • Know your market!
    • Go the extra mile
    • Network while you’re driving!
    • Use your downtime for something productive

    How much do you earn on average hourly in your market? Let us know in the comments below!

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    -Tyler @ RSG

    Tyler Philbrook

    Tyler Philbrook

    Tyler Philbrook is a part-time Rideshare driver and freelance writer focused on finding the best ways to make money while enjoying life. Published on Disease Called Debt, Saving Advice, featured on The Penny Hoarder, and a mention in Pat Flynn's Superfans book. My favorite app for rideshare driving is Waze and Gridwise.