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Uber Fare Estimator For Passengers

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    Today, we’re launching the Uber Fare Estimator Calculator in partnership with The Uber Fare Estimator will allow you to see what an Uber ride will cost the passenger before you go and it’s updated in real time.  Let us know what you think!

    The estimates come directly from the Uber App so they are as accurate as you can get. This is perfect for when you are trying to figure out how much a ride will cost beforehand and you’ll also be able to compare the different levels of Uber service.  Let us know what you think about this calculator and if there are other calculators you’d like to see us create.

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    If you want to call an Uber, this tool will be useful in calculating your spending in advance and seeing how far the nearest driver is from your pickup location.

    Want your first ride free as an Uber passenger?  Click here!


    If it is surging and you NEED a ride you may actually find that it is cheaper to call an UberBlack or UberSelect and roll in style!

    Uber Fare Estimator

    Why pay for Surge when you can pay for style?


    This is always a good tool to have on hand if a passenger asks you “How much would it cost to go to _____?”

    About: Uber Fare Estimator

    Step One: Enter your pickup location

    Step Two: Enter your dropoff location.

    Step Three: Press Calculate.


    (Optional) Step Five: Click on the link to view details, route, and how long it will take to get picked up.

    Uber Fare Estimator

    If you ask for more details, it will take you to this screen showing the distance, expected time, and the estimated arrival of the nearest Uber driver. Usually you will find that drivers are close by as there are many Uber drivers on the road waiting to take you to where you need to go!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Uber

    What is An Uber?

    It’s similar to a taxi that you can call via the Uber App on your smartphone. There are millions of Uber cars throughout the world. Each driver passes a background check and safety inspection and are required to maintain a 4.6 rating from passengers.

    Can You Reserve An Uber?

    All pickups are made on demand and drivers arrive within minutes. So there is no need to schedule a ride in advance. The app will show you approximately how far away the closest driver is so you can request your pickup at a time that fits your schedule.

    How Much Does Uber Cost?

    Uberx, the standard Uber is usually 30-60% cheaper than the price of a regular cab. You can order nicer cars and the price rises accordingly.

    How Should I Rate My Uber Driver?

    If all goes well/normal, give them 5-stars. If they are rude and listening to speeches of Donald Trump with the heater turned all the way up in summer, then you can rate them lower (2-4 stars). If they do 120mph while threatening other drivers with a lead pipe, go ahead and 1-star them.

    Should I Tip My Uber Driver?

    Uber officially says “cash isn’t necessary” but drivers appreciate a tip. It doesn’t have to be much but the fact that you do will brighten their day and show that you appreciate them doing all of the driving and navigating while you talk about only-god-knows-what in the backseat.

    Is Uber Safe?

    Every driver must pass a background check and all cars must be inspected to ensure safety and quality.

    Where Can I Get Free Ride Credits for Uber?

    Click here to get your first ride free, this code only works for first time users.

    You can download the Uber App here

    Have any questions about the calculator or how it works?  Let us know!

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