Looking for a comprehensive list of all the delivery driver jobs out there? Senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins rounded up the best of the best, including the best delivery jobs for part-timers, weekend drivers, and more below.

    Sign up for our top recommended delivery driver jobs below:

    1. Instacart
    2. DoorDash
    3. Uber Eats
    4. Postmates
    5. Amazon Flex

    What Are Delivery Driver Jobs?

    Delivery driver jobs are pretty self-explanatory—you pick up items from one location and deliver them to another. They vary from restaurant food to groceries to packages, depending on which company you’re working for.

    Pro-tip: Always sign up for more than one delivery service! Once you’re signed up for Doordash, Instacart and Postmates, you can choose the highest paying gigs and ignore the lower paying ones. This is one of the benefits of being an independent contractor!

    Most delivery jobs allow for you to work for other delivery companies, so you can utilize more than one to create a full day week or month of earnings for yourself.

    Instacart Delivery Driver Jobs

    Instacart deliveries are groceries that you’re shopping for and/or delivering to the customer who ordered them. In some markets, you can sign up as just an in-store shopper, just a deliverer or as a full-service shopper where you deliver the food after you shop for it. The faster and more efficiently you can shop, the better your earnings can be.

    Learn more about the difference between in-store vs. full-service shoppers at our Instacart Shopper Comparison.

    With the coronavirus pandemic, Instacart has become more popular because people are opting to order their food to be delivered instead of going to the store and shopping themselves. This allows drivers to keep busier and potentially earn more.

    To accept Instacart requests, you need to schedule your shifts through the app and be online during your shift. You can accept or reject requests as they come through.

    Some drivers recommend sticking to a handful of stores that you know really well when you first start out. This will allow you to get the hang of things while being efficient. Learn more about working for Instacart.

    Below, we’ve broken down the top six mistakes beginner Instacart drivers make so you can avoid them, saving you from headaches and reduced earnings!

    Many Instacart delivery drivers are understandably concerned about staying safe during COVID, which is why YouTuber Justin Brubaker made the following video about shopping with Instacart during the coronavirus. According to him, one of the hardest things to do is finding adequate substitutions for customers if their preferred items are out of stock. He shares some tips and strategies to get around this – and get those higher tips!

    Pro-tip: Go the extra mile for your customers and they will show their appreciation. Shop for them like you’re shopping for yourself.

    Uber Eats Delivery Driver Jobs

    With Uber Eats, you’ll be delivering restaurant food to customers. You’ll likely earn more during popular eating times—think lunch and dinner—so make sure you plan your day accordingly.

    If you’re a current Uber driver, you can opt-in to delivering for Uber Eats within your driver app. If you’re new to it altogether, you can sign up for Uber Eats only, which has a more relaxed vehicle requirement than regular Uber driving. In some cities, you may even be allowed to deliver for Uber Eats using a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.

    Depending on where you live and how busy it is, there are opportunities for batched or stacked orders. This means that you can pick up more than one customer’s order from the same restaurant and deliver each order.

    One driver we spoke with suggests keeping a marker in your vehicle so you can mark who gets which bag to ensure you’re handing over the right goods to the right people.

    Since the beginning of COVID, Uber Eats has become even more lucrative. In this article, we break down how to stay safe and drive for Uber Eats during COVID.

    When you drop off an Uber Eats order, you’ll need to take a photo of you dropping it off at the customer’s door and submit that photo through the app. You can decline a delivery if you choose. You do not need to accept every delivery request that comes through the app.

    The YouTuber Gig Nation shares his first day earnings in the video below, including tips and more:

    In this video by Reyes the Entrepreneur, he’ll cover how incentives can help you earn more plus cover what items make delivering easier (and more lucrative) for you:

    Wondering what some of our top recommended items are for delivery drivers? They include insulated bags, Bluetooth headphones and more – check out our Top 10 Things Food delivery Drivers Should Have in Their Car.

    DoorDash Delivery Driver Jobs

    DoorDash is a delivery app where you will pick up restaurant orders and deliver them to the customers who placed the orders. How much you can earn with DoorDash depends on your market, and what time you’re available for deliveries.

    You’ll likely have more jobs available during lunch and dinner than early morning or mid afternoon. DoorDash will sometimes give you bonus periods where you can earn more for being out delivering during that time period. Use these bonus opportunities to earn more.

    Learn more about DoorDash driver pay and download our free tool to help you calculate your hourly delivery earnings across all platforms (DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.).

    You can also get stacked orders, or orders added to your current job. This will help you earn more and be more efficient. You’d be picking up more than one order from the same restaurant and delivering to multiple customers.

    YouTuber Matthew Huo shares what it’s like delivering with DoorDash in 2020, how to stay safe and how to earn more. His tips include:

    • Get more bang for your buck by heading to areas that have popular restaurants nearby before going online. Don’t start the app from your house.
    • Read the delivery instructions! Customers know if their house is hard to find or part of a complicated apartment complex and they will let you know what you need to do.
    • If you’re running late for an order and it’s not your fault, just keep calm and do what you need to in order to get it delivered without speeding or doing anything outlandish.
    • Don’t say you’ve completed an order until you’ve actually delivered it to the door. The instructions will disappear one you say you’ve completed it.

    Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Jobs

    Delivering for Amazon Flex is more like a traditional delivery job. You take an available time block and deliver the packages assigned to that block, preferably within the block of time given to you. You receive the money assigned to that block whether it takes you the whole time or less—or more—so be efficient and get through your deliveries to really make it worth your while.

    To get an Amazon Flex delivery job, simply apply on their website here. You’ll have videos to watch in order to get you ready for your first day of delivering after you pass your background check. It may take 1-2 weeks to hear back about your application, so keep that in mind when wanting to start.

    Amazon estimates you’ll earn anywhere from $18-25 an hour, and this includes optional tips that customers may give you—of which you’ll keep 100%. With Amazon Flex, you’re paid weekly for the previous week’s work. Check out our review of delivering with Amazon Flex to learn more.

    Amazon Flex driver Hillarie noted that she can make up to about $28 an hour on Amazon Flex. Since she drives a car, she’s limited to smaller batches and therefore shorter blocks of time. She typically sees anywhere from 3 to 4.5 hour time blocks she can sign up for and mentioned, “I can work 3 hours and make $90.”

    When you’re ready to start delivering, you’ll head to your Amazon pickup location. You may end up in a line, so be sure to get there before your shift is supposed to start.

    When it’s your turn, you scan all of your boxes as you load them into your vehicle. You may need a larger vehicle to ensure you can carry all of the boxes you’re supposed to deliver for your shift.

    In the video below, YouTuber How Much? shows what it’s like delivering with Amazon Flex, including managing packages, earnings, and more:

    Pro-tip: Organize packages in your car by zip code and/or address to make finding the right box easier for you.

    Clearly, with Amazon Flex earnings, it’s all about how efficient and fast you are. That’s why the biggest way to earn more is to stack and pack your car efficiently – the faster you can get it out and delivered, the more you make in less time. 

    UPS Delivery Driver Jobs

    A little known fact is that UPS sometimes hires “driver helpers” or “Personal Vehicle Driver” to assist with deliveries using their own vehicles. After you apply, if UPS hires you, you’ll be given a phone and uniform, and you’ll receive detailed training so you know what to do.

    Keep in mind, this is more physical work than delivering groceries or restaurant food, and you must be able to lift up to 70 lbs or more. You’ll be scheduled in shifts, typically around a 6 to 9 hour duration. In your area, it may be available year-round or it may just be a seasonal position, so be aware that it might not be something you can rely on all the time.

    You get a manifest to follow that also gives information if there are specific delivery instructions, such as signature required and if there are multiple packages for the same house. If you can’t fit all of your deliveries in your vehicle at one time, you can come back and grab the rest later in your shift, but be sure to keep packages going to the same house together for better efficiency.

    Drivers we’ve spoken to earn around $21 an hour (this will vary by location). UPS does advertise you can make up to $30 per hour, but that’s only one market, so keep that in mind. Additionally, you are paid for training – both in person and online training, so that’s another bonus!

    Below, YouTuber AMN O-Jay shares what a typical day is like being a Personal Vehicle Driver for UPS, including his route and the types of packages he delivers:

    Grubhub Delivery Driver Jobs

    GrubHub is another food delivery app where you’ll be tasked with picking up people’s restaurant orders and delivering it to them. You have the flexibility of when and where to start your day of deliveries.

    Once again, how much you can earn may depend on your market and when you’re deciding to drive. Being restaurant orders, think of when people are often wanting food—lunch and dinner—and focus on being out on the road during those time periods.

    With GrubHub, you have the choice of setting your schedule of when you plan on being online, or you can simply switch your app to “online” when you’re ready to start accepting orders.

    Part-Time Delivery Driver Jobs

    Almost all of the above listed delivery jobs can be part time, although you’ll want to make sure if you’re driving with UPS or Amazon Flex to pay attention to the set shift hours. Other part-time delivery driver jobs you can consider include pizza delivery, such as Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, etc.

    You can also consider delivery for Best Buy, but keep in mind, this will likely include installing whichever items you’re delivering.

    If you are handy, consider signing up with Best Buy and TaskRabbit, which offers part-time gigs like helping people set up IKEA furniture, hang TVs, and more handy tasks.

    Check around your area to see if there are any delivery hubs that are looking for drivers. Hubs can include Amazon and UPS, like mentioned above, or other delivery locations that hire out independent contractors to complete their deliveries.

    Consider a job as a courier to deliver packages from one business to another or similar fares. Many courier jobs allow you to pick your hours and have the flexibility of choosing whether or not you want to work on the weekends.

    Looking for even more gig opportunities? Our Best Food Delivery Services article outlines even more gigs, like Point Pickup and GoPuff for convenience store and other types of delivery.

    Grocery Delivery Driver Jobs

    Instacart is a popular grocery delivery app. There’s also Shipt, which is very similar. Read our full Shipt shopper review to learn more.

    Wondering which grocery delivery service is better for drivers? We break down the Shipt vs. Instacart debate.

    With Shipt, you’ll be making grocery and other delivery services. As a delivery driver for Shipt, you select your schedule up to 5 days in advance. You can limit your radius to stick closer to home so you can save on gas, but you’ll likely be limiting available jobs for yourself at the same time.

    Like Instacart, you’ll likely be the one actively shopping for the customer’s items within the store, but it’s a possibility that you will have a delivery only order where you simply pick up the compiled items and deliver them.

    When starting out, it’s a good idea to only accept jobs in stores that you’re familiar with, so you can be as efficient as possible and allow yourself to earn more by being able to complete more jobs during your chosen shift.

    YouTube How Much shares how much he made delivering with Shipt below, plus how purchasing with Shipt works:

    Shipt shows you approximately how long the shopping should take as well as how long it should take you to deliver, so you know up front how much time you’ll be spending on each order.

    You are shown in the app what jobs are available, so you can snag the ones you want and ignore the ones you don’t. You can even choose jobs that are set for later in the day to organize your time and keep yourself busy all day.

    More Non-Food Delivery Jobs

    Point Pickup

    Point Pickup is a delivery service that is similar to Instacart, but doesn’t necessarily have to be groceries. You set a delivery schedule but can go online at any time, making it flexible for drivers to deliver for them. 

    Technically, Point Pickup is available from Manhattan to New Haven, CT, Suffolk County Long Island, and also Boston West to Framingham, MA; however, it’s clearly available for drivers to sign up in any location. 

    On their location map site, Point Pickup states, “We have expanded! If you have a request outside any of our shaded regions, please try us! Many times, Drivers will be available to complete your request.”

    In the app, you specify what you’re willing to deliver, so if you’re not comfortable with delivering alcohol, you won’t have to, as long as you uncheck that box. Same with groceries or takeout food, or anything else you simply don’t want to deliver. The choice is yours. 

    You can sign up to drive for Point Pickup here. My advice is, take a look at the pickup distance, time and payout before accepting. If it’s too far away, it might not be worth your time for the amount being paid. Use your best judgment. 

    A driver for Point Pickup reached out to us and said,

    “Point Pickup has three different types of deliveries. Express deliveries are usually done within an hour and pay the most money, I did one the other day that paid $18.29 for a 14 mile, 30 minute trip. 

    Then there are batch orders that have up to five different drop locations. If you do five, then you get $21 for that batch. Then there are regular deliveries – I’m not sure how what is their pay rate but I did a drop that was one mile down the road and got  $8.71 as well as a $7 tip.”

    This driver also stated that customers tend to tip well on Point Pickup, averaging around $5 per delivery, making it a worthwhile endeavor. 


    Another delivery app that doesn’t necessarily involve delivering food is Roadie. The Roadie app is straightforward and easy to use. 

    Roadie shows you available jobs in your area, and you bid for the job based on your availability and experience with similar deliveries. Drivers we’ve spoken to say Roadie gives you the biggest amount of ‘say’ on your earnings – if Roadie offers you a job but you don’t think the drive time is worth the pay, simply decline it and move on to the next job!

    Above is an example of an available pickup showing what the driver will receive and how far the trip is

    Most Roadie gigs pay between $10-50, according to the Roadie drivers we spoke with. Regardless, you determine what you’re willing to accept when it comes to Roadie – you don’t have to accept deliveries that pay under what you want to earn. Roadie says driver pay depends on mileage and size of the delivery, and most gigs will pay between $8 and $50, which is in line with what Roadie drivers have shared with us. 

    Another difference to Roadie? You don’t get a ping like you would with Instacart or DoorDash or Uber for that matter. You search for the available jobs and pick and choose what works for you. 

    You can basically pick up and drop off orders of all shapes and sizes on Roadie. You specify what kind of vehicle you have, so you’ll be shown orders that will suit your vehicle size. 

    Weekend Delivery Driver Jobs

    All of these jobs can probably be weekend delivery driver jobs, but if you only want to or only have time to drive over the weekends, I’d recommend sticking with either the food or grocery delivery apps.

    When do most people do their grocery shopping? On the weekends. So it stands to reason that you’ll likely stay busy with Instacart and Shipt if you’re only open to delivering on the weekends.

    In addition, people may be more likely to order in on the weekends if they are too busy cleaning their house and don’t want to mess up the dishes they just finished washing. On weekends, people don’t always stick to the structure of when they typically eat food during the week, so you may also keep busy with Uber Eats and DoorDash if you’re out after or in between the typical lunch and dinner rush.

    Best Paying Delivery Driver Jobs

    If you’re just in it to make as much as possible, as quickly as possible, I recommend trying out the three options below first. Keep in mind that how much you earn is dependent upon many factors including the time of day you deliver, your market and how much you receive in tips.

    1. Uber Eats – earn an average of around $20/hr

    2. Amazon Flex – earn an average of around $18/hr

    3. Instacart – earn an average of around $20/hr

    Non-CDL Delivery Driver Jobs

    You shouldn’t need a CDL license for any of these delivery jobs listed, but here are a few more that you can consider trying out.

    Roadie is a great option that’s available country-wide. Once approved to drive for them, you can be available to pick up orders from anywhere. Read more about delivering for Roadie here. You can make around $10-20 per delivery and you can see details about the order before accepting, so you can determine if it’s worth your time or not.

    Another non-food delivery option could be Postmates, though they are in the process of being acquired by Uber at the moment, so their platform could change significantly pretty quickly. But for now, Postmates is similar to Shipt and Instacart where you’re delivering groceries and other household goods.

    Once you’ve gained the experience you feel you need, consider starting your own delivery service with the help of Dumpling. Dumpling provides you with a platform and a way to process payments so you can get started out on your own with minimal hassle.

    Strategies for Non-Food Delivery Gig Jobs

    If you’re looking to get into this kind of work, you might want to consider the following strategies before logging in for your first deliveries. Keep in mind, not all strategies will work for all markets or for all platforms. There is some inherent on-the-job training that you’ll pick up on as you go. 

    1. Track your mileage

    If you’re not getting paid up front for your mileage, be sure to use a tracking app such as 

    Stride or Triplog in order to make sure you’re tracking all of your business expenses and miles you’re putting on your car for business purposes. This will come in handy when tax season hits. 

    2. Keep organized

    If you have multiple deliveries in your vehicle at one time, you’ll need to develop a system to keep things organized. With multiple orders, you’ll typically get a manifest or some other tracking system telling you how many packages are in one order and typically which order you’ll be delivering packages in. That way you can organize by order and address to make a more efficient trip

    3. Utilize your front seat

    If you keep your next delivery in your front seat, you’ll complete it that much faster. You’ll be able to scan all of the items quickly as you’re heading to the door for the drop off. Then, open your trunk to grab the next batch before moving on to the next location.

    4. Have a friend or significant other help you out

    The more efficient you can be, the more money you can earn. If your significant other wants to ride along with you, you two can tag team it to get deliveries done even faster. One person can be dropping off, while the other gets the next order ready to go. Before doing this, just make sure the company or platform you’re working for allows you to do this. Don’t break the rules to make things faster for you. It’s not worth losing your job over.

    Pros and Cons of Delivery Jobs

    While it seems great to not have to interact with passengers or even deliver food, there are some cons to driving non-food delivery gigs. Here are some things to keep in mind.


    • Pay – These gigs typically pay well for your time and effort, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you’re new to the concept of delivering items, you might want to research tips and tricks on how to be more efficient at it before you get started.
    • Reliability – For the most part, these jobs allow you to work whenever is best for you, but there is some planning ahead involved in most of them. Make sure if you need to sign up for a schedule that you’re able to stick to it. With these kinds of jobs, you’ll know that you’ll keep busy and get paid for your efforts in the end.
    • Ease of use – These apps are easy to use and the concept of delivering items is pretty straightforward. Even if you don’t have the greatest people skills, you should be able to handle these delivery jobs with minimal issues. 


    • Lack of flexibility – There is some flexibility inherent in these jobs, but not as much as drivers are used to with Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Grubhub. It’s not typically a job where you can just log on and be ready to receive requests. You have to have some kind of prior planning to do most of these delivery jobs, so be sure to think ahead.
    • Wear and tear – Like all rideshare gigs, there’s going to be wear and tear on your vehicle. You just need to make sure you’re tracking your mileage to ensure you get the deduction you deserve when tax time rolls around.
    • Wear and tear – on your body – It almost goes without saying that non-food delivery gigs will require you to lift things, carry things, and most likely go up some stairs. If you’re capable and willing to do this, it’s a good chance to get some exercise. But be aware, some of these deliveries can be heavy, so if you have back or knee issues, this might not be a great option for you.

    Overview of the Best Delivery Driver Jobs

    Now is a great time to get started as a delivery driver. There’s no need to have any other person in your car (unless you want or need to take along a family member or friend), and the whole process is pretty straightforward. Yes, you may run into some tricky apartment buildings or have to wait for a slow restaurant, but in general, delivering is simple and an easy way to make quick extra cash.

    Which delivery driver jobs have you signed up for or are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

    -Paula @ RSG

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